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The goals of Scientology

A primary goal of Scientology is that every individual regains freedom for himself regarding his environment, his games and other beings.

We in the Ron’s Org regard self-determinism as the highest good of a being and primarily strive to improve and respect it. For practising auditors it means first of all to tolerate the wishes and goals of the person they audit, as every individual has the freedom to guide his own experiences. We are not assuming that we have the right to interfere in this development. The auditor is a partner and a friend along the way, but he never uses pressure or inhibiting means to help.

We are heading for a way of living together in which every individual can find himself, but also can perceive the needs and wants of his environment – and respect them. Life should align harmonically along all eight dynamics (see the article on The dynamics), and for everybody it should bear the chance to develop themselves.

The Scientologists of the Ron’s Org also wish to cooperate peacefully and constructively with other beliefs or ways of self-experience or self-improvement. We don’t want to set ourselves apart. Instead we want, together with other people who are interested in development, to contribute so that the positive in every being is supported and can assert itself, as we are of the firm belief that every one of us has it in his hands to help decide how life on this planet will evolve. It begins with working on oneself and expands to the awareness of other persons and games, to support them and to help where it is necessary.

The supreme goal in this is the ability to perceive all things and processes and to understand them with respect. It is a long road, but we think this is one of the reasons we exist – to learn and to improve ourselves.

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