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Success stories from ex-members

Differences between Ron’s Org and the Church of Scientology

Judged by people who have experienced service from both organizations

Here we have put together success stories from various levels in which people who were in the Church of Scientology before and then came to us tell about what was different or new for them at our place. Of course, as in any success story, these are subjective views, but it might give you a good reality on the differences that exist.

A Session by A Class XII Auditor

After having been with and communicated with Otfried and Julia from Ron´s Org in Frankfurt during this weekend, I and my friends have, for the first time in a long time, hope for the fantastic technology of Scientology to help many scientologists here in Sweden to rediscover the road to freedom !!!
The information meeting that Otfried held during the Friday evening was a total success and it really was many years since I saw so many scientologists communicate so freely and high toned to many laughs! 🙂
During the week end there was auditing going on, both ordinary auditing and solo-sessions and interviews were done and one auditor refreshed his audtiting skills to be able to start delivering once again.
My dear wife Ing-Marie started a preparatory course in order to prepare for her OT levels and got incredible gains and really reawakened her purpose concerning the importance it is not only to clear this planet but even this whole sector of the universe…! In other words, how important it is not only to create safety for oneself… but also to help in creating safety for and clearing all the billions of individuals in this sector who suffer and have been seriously wounded….
Ing-Marie has never before had such incredibly OTish supervisors as Otfried and Julia who ONLY by using their perceptions …. directly noticed if she had something she was wondering about or wanted to ask about…. It didn´t matter if one of the supervisors were involved in a drill with another student…or if the supervisor were standing with their back against Ing-Marie, they KNEW, Otfried or Julia knew at once if there was something she needed help with and this happended EVERY time! All the time they were using their OT perceptions and Ing-Marie got so impressed each time this happened thas she almost got awestruck… 🙂
One time one of the supervisors were outside the room for a moment and were about to close the door and then swifltly turned around and asked if it was something she wondered about… and OF COURSE it was…..! 🙂
I myself got an amazing auditing session by Otfried who is a Class XII Auditor.
The simplicity and efficency in this session was astonishing!!! Each command came in exactly the right moment and each encouragement for communication was delivered so precisely that I actually got gains just by this (!)
Those outside the auditing room, I am sure, were wondering what on Earth was going on in there when they heard the many loud and long laughs when old charge left the mind of the scribe to give room for more freedom and space.
And you know what? The price for this incredible session by a Class XII Auditor was only 80 Euro!!! Quite a difference against what those have to pay who stayed behind in the Miscavige Church, and for altered tech also!!!
If I can recommend this!;) You bet I can!!! 🙂
Those who we rented the premises from were there a few hours during the week end and some of them got curious as to what we were doing. Otfried, Julia and Ing-Marie explained in an easy way about it and left cards. They seemed impressed and very interested! It´s not hard to get someone interested in Scientology.
Several Solo NOTs completions were there and decided to go to Ron´s Org in Frankfurt and Bern after having had their purpose reawakened again!:-)
C. L.

Progress Program / HRD

After I had done the HRD in the Church, I thought it was a pretty stupid rundown. Two years later I attested Clear, but the main ruin in my life was still fully in place! During my progress program the HRD was again taken up. Standardly and flawlessly the exact, right items were picked out, which gave a REAL change in my viewpoint. And you know what? The HRD is very powerful stuff after all!
I feel very much polished up now and I am looking forward to the Grades!

Progress Program

To all,
It is great to be with Ron’s Org. This is what I expected Scientology would be. No suppression and using the Scientology technology in the way it has to be used.
The bridge is vertical and not horizontal. So go vertical!
Only the able / skilled people could help others.
Take care of yourself and only then you are of use for others. In this universe thetan is space and space is thetan. When you could not make or fill the space then help is just sympathy. And we all know, sympathy is killing.
I am very honoured and proud to be now a member of the team.
Responsibility is fun!
Great thanks,

I have completed my progress program.
First I want to compliment the auditing, which I think is totally standard LRH.
Before I got a lot of auditing in “the church” and there I became use to that somebody was running you – and “did” something with you and you had to hope for the best.
So here in the beginning of the auditing I felt as it was on a too high gradient because I wasn’t use to be granted beingness with full responsibility as a pc! (Funny!)
But it went better and better as we went along in session and now I think it was easy and fun, to be a pc.
My auditor and I handled one area among others in my life that I’ve tried to handle for – I think – thirty years – we did it within a little while!
Now I feel that I have got my life back – as my own life on my own responsibility, and that feels very, very good!
Thank you Ron’s Org!
L. B.

My first service at Ron’s Org Frankfurt after being a member of the CoS for 20 years was a progress program after an interview to remove possible by-passed charges from life and old auditing
With barely 4 hours, the program was much shorter than expected by me. The result however is much more than I expected. I am simply amazed how much wins and how much well-being can be recovered by looking at a relatively small amount of events – if they are the right ones. After my last service I had collected quite a bit of discomfort, was easily irritated and often not well in present time. In my job, I also was easily exasperated when things did not go as smoothly as I wanted them to go. Continually I had the feeling of been drawn into my bank as soon as the doingness in my surroundings became less. Nearly each morning when getting up I had a feeling of revulsion, one more day doing “slave work” in this society. By and large a not so happy overall condition and a continuous “pressing” against the bank to get the necessary things of everyday life done.
I was convinced that these “disorders” would only be handled on my next service and that I have to live with them until this point. The more I was amazed to find out that this short program completely resolved the condition I described above. In the mornings, I am fit and relaxed. During breakfast I go through the things that have to be done that day and put them into a sequence, and I am even looking forward to them. I am well in present time and this can be measured immediately in increased production. In studying, too, I have become faster again as more attention is in present time. What is also remarkable is that my body feels much lighter. I am on the go from morning to evening and do no longer have these phenomena of being tired. The feeling of being drawn into the bank is gone, too. I can go in and by a quick, easy decision simply go out again, and that’s it. Last week I could resolve a slightly involved situation which had been a pain in the ass for my boss for more than one and a half years and which he no longer wanted to confront. It was totally easy, with some communication and the calmness I have regained by the progress program.
When I came home on Sunday, my family said that my face looks many years younger before I even could tell them how everything had been in Frankfurt. All parts of the service were absolutely smooth. There was no waiting time and no unnecessary administrative actions and there was a C/S who could answer all my questions in person. That is how I always wanted it to be and I am very glad that after such a long travel I have arrived at the right place.
Thanks a lot to the staff of Ron’s Org for this great service. I am looking forward to the next steps with you.


Today I have attested the state of Clear at Ron’s Org Frankfurt.
Many years ago I made it my goal to achieve the state of Clear. At that time I still was on lines with the CoS, and after many years of being a member of the CoS it seemed nearly impossible to me to ever achieve this state. It was simply not affordable, and also it seemed that there was no direct way towards Clear, because you go from one rundown to the next, just to be sent from there to a repair and then to an ethics cycle and then again to the registrar, where you are told to pay high sums so you can do the next step. Finally I turned away from the CoS, disappointed. I had lost my hope to ever achieve the state of Clear.
By chance I came to know that there was an alternative to the CoS – the Ron’s Org. So I went to find out what it is all about this Ron’s Org. First I was very critical regarding Ron’s Org. But the more I found out about it, the more I understood why I hadn’t been able to progress in the CoS and how much the tech is altered in the CoS.
After I made sure that within Ron’s Org only original materials of LRH are used I started, just 3 years ago, walking the road up to Clear.
As my home is far away from Ron’s Org Frankfurt I had only time to come once a week, at weekends, to Frankfurt. Additionally due to my job I often had to work at weekends.
Nevertheless it was possible to climb the bridge within 3 years from Grade 0 to Clear. To be exact what I did during that time was: an extensive repair, objective processes, Grade 0 through 4, Confessional, Drug Rundown and Dianetics up to Clear. Besides I completed some courses as well and audited a pc on M1. I believe this was only possible because in Ron’s Org only Standard Tech is applied and because the path is followed which was laid out by Ron. No more and no less. What I should mention as well is that I didn’t have to encumber myself with debts to achieve all of this (as it would have been the case in the CoS).

Now you can certainly imagine how overjoyed I am that I have achieved my goal. A goal which I was pursuing such a long time and of which I believed I could never reach it anymore. But to become Clear for me means more than just to achieve this goal. It also means that I have found myself, to know who I am myself, what I want, and most of all it means for me to know what I want to achieve from here on out. Since I am Clear, every day I discover new abilities in me, and I think there is still more to discover within the next weeks.
I am already looking forward to my next steps on the Operating Thetan levels in the direction of Operating Thetan and total freedom and knowledge.
I want to say a heart-felt thank you to my auditor Ulli who always was there for me, to audit me and to accompany the road up to Clear.
I want to say thank you to the C/S of Ron’s Org Frankfurt, that he is so competent and wears his hat so professionally, and that he always knew what was the next, correct step for me.
And I want to thank Captain Bill. Without him there wouldn’t have been a Ron’s Org and I could never have achieved the state of Clear.
‚And last not least I want to thank LRH whom we all are indebted for the tech, our wins and our spiritual progress.
With a lot of ARC, M.C.C.


To be honest: When I now am writing a success story about the „Clear Hat“, it would be easy to exaggerate something that was undoubtedly only the final perfection of everything . If I didn’t mention the other things which I experienced here during the last six months I would start too late on the time track. Thus a glance backwards:
Now I am more than 10 years in Scientology (well, strictly speaking much longer), and during this time I surely went through some ups and downs. The state in which I arrived here was more or less frustrated, a little hopeless, convinced that I am a poor devil burdened with a formidable case and surely many years from returning to be an auditor myself. (Well, maybe that was with a little bit of poetic exaggeration, but seriously: I felt quite massy, work was tiring and exhausting, my marriage became tiresome and the „Golden Age“ made me look quite rusty. But: To at all find Ron’s Org, to have had the courage to apply the Doubt Formula to my Church existence and then to leave it was more valuable than any PTS Rundown for me.)
Since that time only half a year has passed, as mentioned before. What has happened since? Let’s start with the small things: Work is fun again, but still has to be changed so I will have more time for auditing.
Feeling massy? Since my last auditing I cannot find any more masses to make myself tired. I had some sleepless nights, but now I can envision calmly the time when my son will start to go to school – I anyhow don’t want to stay in bed longer than 8 o’clock. And in general – with wife and son life has become so pleasant that I have to struggle with myself when I have to plan the next visit in Frankfurt.
I became acquainted with a completely different way of auditing: With real ARC, without thousands of corrections, repairs, handlings – I was listened to, the C/S didn’t try to get through a program at all costs just because it was started, and for the first time I didn’t flinch from getting off embarrassing things. Eventually my idea that I am a Clear (which I first mentioned nearly ten years ago) was taken up and finally verified – after a long time where I invalidated the idea (and myself) and thus had to undergo some unpleasant times. Which was – very much to my surprise – the first real spiritual gain in Scientology for me, for along with all the complexities, the considerations, inhibitions, restraints, worrying and introvertedness I found the inner calmness which I was seeking for so long. To make myself clear, I don’t mean a calmness to stay on some mountaintop and do nothing now, but a calmness which enables me to be much more active than before. And along with it goes a much greater, real understanding of others.
And the Clear Hat, to mention it finally, gave me data which is without any doubt vital for a Clear (and his continuing to be so). I can’t imagine how a Clear can live well and happy without this information for a longer time span – not to mention his goals.
I cannot come to the end without a hearty, deeply felt „Thank you“ for all the persons here who carry the responsibility, who not only do a great job but also at the same time returned my trust and my confidence in Sceintology to me. Feel hugged cordially.


On the solo course I had lots of wins both as auditor and as pc. I had not expected the gains as the processes were simple and basic but I had a lot of persistent f/n’s.At Flag they send you to ethics if your pc gets persistent f/n’s but here it’s actually expected.
I learned and got reality on the needle reacting on thought, not spoken words; auditing myself is now so much easier and effortless.


Today I attested that I finished the Solo Course. This was something that I have wanted to do for more than twelve years. Many times I made plans and postulates about starting my Operating Thetan levels, but during the years it went further and further out of reach.
I am so glad that I came to Ron’s Org Frankfurt!
I have no idea how I would have ever been able to start on the Operating Thetan levels, if I weren`t because of the help and care and ARC of the people in Ron’s Org Frankfurt, especially Ulli and Beate.
I love you all!

Operating Thetan 2

Although it is now already some weeks ago, I’d like to turn in a success story on my Operating Thetan 2 Redo. However, I should mention that having the data I have now I understand my first completion of 1982 even less than I did at that time. On this occasion, I really want to validate Ron’s Org. The clear-cut, well escorted way through the individual levels really is an experience. Now I move through each level with understanding and knowledge and do not rush with half-knowledge towards half-completions. Ron’s tech, complemented by Captain Bill’s practical understanding and by your competence makes the way out a real safe one. I want to tell you a most sincere thank you for that.
Besides the actions on Operating Thetan 2 which now really render a completely different approach to Operating Thetan 3 for me a clear realization for me was – after an endless back and forth regarding my Clear attest dating from 1978/79 – that I am/was a natural Clear. Actually I always thought this doesn’t play a big role, after all I had gone on with my bridge, but that was a big mistake. To get the circumstances regarding this in their correct order was very validating. You could say, I am happy to have found my inner center.

Operating Thetan 3

I have just completed the Operating Thetan 3 Redo.
After having had big wins already on Operating Thetan 2 – 20 years after the first time I did it – the same is true, even more so, after the completion of Operating Thetan 3. Within ca. 40 hours of auditing I could complete a lot of open cycles, covering immense time periods. The result is real calmness and the certainty to finally have completed this level, too. The gain in personal freedom is enormous, and as always on these levels this is not just a first dynamic experience. Once more I realized how important a “clean slate” is to make efficient communication. As well as the importance to walk forward on the bridge with unimpaired intention, without duress and pushing.
Again and again it is impressive that we have this chance here and now to handle our time-track. Especially the broad information on the background of Operating Thetan 3 rendered by Captain Bill gives quite a different reality than the one I had before. Now I really understood how things connect on the time-track and could sort out many earlier factors. Besides realizing what is going wrong in this Sector I also understood the reasons that brought me here, in a much wider context. Now I can really estimate the wins that were given to me during the past 20 years. This is just great.
My thanks go to Ron, Captain Bill, Otfried for his professional support and all “orgers” who helped me in this step.

Excalibur (Operating Thetan 8)

Since doing NOTs, OTV, in the Church in 1994-96, I have been haunted by certain case phenomena. I got some good wins on NOTs, but something started up which was never handled. I more or less learned to live with it, but it was out of bare necessity, what else to do?
Starting on The Excalibur gave me hope. The theory part was mindblowing. It was wild stuff, but it was also logical and most of all, it was real, totally real. It was everything a NOTs pre-Operating Thetan needed. It was the missing link and I was excited and reliefed. But when the day came for me to start the actual auditing my failures from NOTs started to key in. I was sceptical to say the least. I doubted my own abilities to actually run it and I was not at all smiling when I arrived the org that morning. But after the first session I was! It worked! The process had run like a beauty. The EP was dramatic, yet down to earth and very very real. After just a few more sessions the stuff that had been haunting me for almost 10 years was gone. And from there on the most fantastic things has happened in my life. The auditing – both from my great auditor Otfried, and from solo – has lifted and removed barriers keeping me from regaining knowingness about all aspects of life. I have had several experiences of direct contact with God, or perhaps I should call it The Theta Universe or 8th Dynamic. This is something I never before fully understood and I probably can’t explain it either as I think it’s something one has to experience personally. I have experienced moments of full access to a kind of universal databank, a source of complete knowingness and wisdom in any field of life. This is a completely unexpected gift and it exceeds all my expectations. Excalibur or it’s processes did not grant me this access, but it removed all the mental noise and distractions that prevented me from „connecting“.
Completing Excalibur I am now stripped of strange and unwanted mental influences and have started a new way of life. I have found my self as a spiritual being, I am calm, I am self-confident, I know what life is all about. From this position I will work on getting more wisdom for my self, my family, my friends and for everybody. And the funny part is that it doesn’t strike me as something hard to do. Quite contrary, when you do the right thing, the thing you really want to do (no matter what it is), then it comes easy, it doesn’t require a lot of effort. I enjoy my new life and I look forward to the task ahead. It is a kind of new beginning and I am filled with joy thinking about it. Thanks to LRH and CBR and to RO Frankfurt, you have a vital task and I thank you for doing it.
With love, R.D.

In 1980 I was ready for Solo NOTs. I was at St.Hill in the UK. It didn’t happen. In the org it seems to have been determined I wasn’t ready. Whether the determination was technical or economic I will never know.
Two days ago I came over to Ron’s Org Frankfurt to get a bit of auditing “to help me through”. I was most surprised when my auditor told me we would be addressing matters with Excalibur auditing!
Overall we did about 3 hours on it. As someone who has had 100s of hours of NOTs auditing I feel able to make a judgement as I have “a datum of comparable magnitude”. So far as I can see the Excalibur auditing procedure is a most exacting and realistic (to the case) approach. The auditor’s precision, especially with the use of the e-meter, is vital. The material has to be addressed exactly correctly to bring about erasure and blow. Nothing but total precision will do. The auditors use of the meter to guide the auditing was remarkable and I know without it I would have been totally lost.
I did very well in my auditing. My “energy level” had come quite low before auditing but it started to return. However it was evident that I needed plenty of Excalibur auditing to make an impact on my “case” situation that was really significant.
Suddenly I found myself sitting down with Otfried and him telling me I should get onto the Excalibur course without delay and then immediately helping me to put aside or handle “unhandlable” barriers and literally within 5 minutes I found myself, as if by magic, sitting down with the Excalibur course checksheet, materials to study, and “I’m off”.
I have noticed this morning (next day) I have considerably more energy and vigour and I even feel younger. My guess is my “Solo NOTs case” (or I should now say “my Excalibur case”) has been sitting around for 25 years plus with fading hopes of ever being handled and suddenly real hope is there. Now I want to get into it 100 %!!
I am grateful to Ron’s Org Frankfurt particularly for their generous help to me specifically and for keeping Ron’s flame burning brightly for an excellent future for all.

Success Story (about studying at Ron’s Org)

I want you to know that I really like to study and receive auditing at Ron’s Org (Freezone). It feels like having fun again. At the Church I never liked to go for study (nor for auditing) although I was (and still am) very interested in LRH technology. And now I like it again. Thank you for giving me my good feelings and studying back.

Success Story

This success story covers the last 35 years and my relation to the Church of Scientology, my PTS-ness to it and its resolution.

1974 I started at the “College for Applied Philosophy” and was enthusiastic to have found a philosophy that, in the times of the Vietnam War and the aftermaths of ’68, was supposed to bring freedom to people. At that time I was into the music scene and had taken quite a bit of drugs. To experience coming back into present time on TRs was so amazing that I never again took drugs and was enthusiastic about the technology. Some more auditing handled a serious illness, much to my satisfaction, and that brought me onto the bridge.

Later, when LRH was no longer on lines, the times of the Finance police came, the price increases, the unlimited expansion strategies that were financially oriented. Like many others, I noticed the lack of freedom which started in that period, the PTSness towards the church management, noticed it more or less but couldn’t admit it. Instead I tried on many executive positions within local orgs to find the quadrature of the circle, again and again, hoped for improvement, that it maybe were only my overts and so on. But the fact is: The source for these things is management itself, especially RTC.

Since I have left the Church and in Ron’s Org found the possibility to get acquainted with a real bridge, with service being the focus, clear-cut end phenomena of processes exist, I could resolve this PTSness. Only now I realized that a person cannot go Operating Thetan in an environment where everybody, even on higher levels, is treated like a potential criminal with sec checks. Of course I know the arguments given for this. Somebody who has overts cannot go Operating Thetan. Very true, and for this purpose there are processes which are applied in sessions. Everybody who goes up a true bridge will increase his or her responsibility level and resolve their overts in session by themselves. Every other viewpoint will lead to a cutting down of self-determinism and of taking over responsibility for one’s own case, and certainly not to Operating Thetan.
The Church of Scientology asserts that it works “on policy”. If this was the case this report would not exist. Here a few specific points about this subject, as I do not write this down from a motivator aspect of “having to get even with them” – although I would have many reasons for that.

  1. Everybody who is on a Div 4 course will first read KSW 1 which LRH revised once more shortly before he left. If somebody goes to such great efforts to get it into every Scientologist that he has to look after “on source-ness” of data himself, how would such a being make sure that after his passing away his heritage is in the right hands? Certainly not by means of a dubious telex which is quoted as the only justification of passing on the trademarks to RTC. For some time I had been in writing contact with LRH and know from this direct communication what his view on such things was. He would have written an official Policy Letter which had been made part of the KSW Series. Only what is written is true. So you have to confront at this point that already the first point of KSW is out. The bare fact that RTC has grabbed hold of the trademarks does not mean that it was legitimate, by a long way. So wake up!
  2. Another important aspect of the PTSness of members of the Church of Scientology is the merciless money-orientedness of all the organizational structures (Church, IAS, WISE etc.) Due to the many hundreds of thousand Euros needed to become Operating Thetan 8 in the Church – not to mention the subject of IAS – everybody has to create himself a money machine. However not everybody is a medical doctor, entrepreneur etc. – so that means there is a great danger of ending up in a system of pyramid sales. There are endless examples of this, and unfortunately of the end justifying the means, as well. The main thing is to get in money for the bridge. Now I myself was fortunate enough to experience that it is possible to get an org to Saint Hill size by applying the Service Policy. That means: only “give the public what he/she needs” will lead to long-term success. For if somebody increases his success in a natural way he will have more money to spend. But there are at least two more aspects to this:
  3. a) In the Bean Theory by LRH there is a clear-cut definition that no org may spend more than its income. Organizations pay heed to this scrupulously. But nobody gets the idea that this policy of course applies to any public as well. Using arguments such as
    – You are in a danger condition because you live on Earth, thus for getting you out of that any amount of debts is justified
    – You will twice get back each sum for which you indebt yourself, because you are active on all dynamics
    – makes people take debts to a point where they are ruined. And sorry, but there is a reminiscence of Martin Luther (or his opponent Tetzel), “When the coin rings in the box, the soul jumps to the heavens”.
  4. b) There is a policy by Ron which I have never seen cancelled where he defines the value of auditing and training measured by an average monthly income. This guarantees that everybody can make it on the bridge without resorting to criminal activity.

RTC justifies the mad price increases by saying that that must be right that raises stats. If I make this thinking which is oriented at stats only the basis of my acts I will not need a lot of phantasy to find the weirdest applications that have nothing to do with “on policy”.
In the internet on Free Zone sites you find a lot more information on backgrounds and how things hang together.

These interrelations and many very expensive experiences have lead me to a point where I was able to back up enough to enable me a clear view on it all. In Ron’s Org I could handle my messed up Operating Thetan 2 and Operating Thetan 3 and through many drastic events on my further bridge I could gather a personal reality that RTC really plays a false game and systematically creates PTSness. As a solution you have “handle or disconnect”, which means leaving.

Many people, including staffs in the Church of Scientology are simply PTS. There are very good, helpful beings simply being PTS. I can only give you one advice: Wake up.
Everybody who needs help or information on Ron’s Org can address me.

Here you can find more success stories.

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