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Academy for personal progress

People have different needs, because each of us is an individual with very specific abilities and a character that is literally unique. But there is something we all have in common. And that is that each of us wishes for more freedom. We strive for freedom from unwanted things that afflict our lives, so that we can enjoy the pleasant things of life. But where exactly can one find the causes for the difficulties of men, and do they have a common denominator at all?

L.Ron Hubbard tackled these philosophical questions and researched into the matter which took him decades. Eventually, from his results he developed a road to freedom which works for all and at the same time gives consideration to the individuality of everyone.

Since 1987 the team of Ron’s Org Frankfurt puts the original technology of L.Ron Hubbard into practice (read our self-description for learning about how we are different from the Church of Scientology). For more than 30 years we offer this road to more freedom and self-determination, at prices which a normally earning person can afford.

We never had a mandatory membership or lasting commitment as we consider our services as something everyone can benefit from according to their needs and terminate when they want to.

And here do you find our Offers.

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