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Success stories

These were written by people who took auditing in Ron’s Org Frankfurt or did seminars/courses. They tell about the wins they had from it. Some of these people had formerly been members of the Church of Scientology, some not. If you are not familiar with the terminology of Scientology, you might stumble over some words. You can find explanations for them in the text about the bridge and in our Glossary of terms.

For purposes of structure we put the success stories in four categories:

  1. Auditing and seminars for newcomers and at the beginning of the bridge
  2. Auditing until Clear
  3. Operating Thetan levels
  4. Courses for advanced students
  5. Partner Courses

If you are a member of the Church of Scientology, you might be especially interested in the aspect whether here in Ron’s Org something is different, and if yes, what. Thus we put together success stories where people who formerly were members of the Church of Scientology talk about this aspect. Please follow this link.

  1. Auditing and seminars for newcomers and at the beginning of the bridge

Communication Course

Life Repair

Other Courses and Seminars

Family Communication Course

ARC Straight Wire


Efficiency Course

Dianetics on a child


Communication Course

The course was very fruitful for me.
When I read the descriptions of the practical drills on the course checklist, I understood them, but the execution seemed very difficult to me. So it was amazing to see that I managed those drills. The same is true for the later, more complex drills which I sooner or later could do, too, although I wouldn’t have thought so at the beginning of the course.
Some days later when I was explaining something to a new colleague I found out that it has become easier to speak to a person and at the same time look into their face from time to time without being distracted too much from the conversation.
When last Saturday I participated in a First-Aid-Course it was relatively ease to answer questions which were asked by the instructor of the group in general. During the course I was the first person that became the center of attention when the instructor demonstrated a practical drill on me. I was mostly surprised and not, as it would have been earlier, disconcerted.
To sum it up I could say that it has become easer to talk to others.

It was great! The course has helped and given me a lot. I can now better communicate with the world and confront, understanding fundamental principle gives a good feeling of being well-grounded and acting confidently.
Thanks again to you, Ulli. You have led us through theory and practical drills skillfully and with patience. It was not boring.
I can recommend the comm course to everybody (even if they think they could do well without it and had no trouble with communication). You gain incredibly with its help.
Much love,

Today I want to thank you once more that I could successfully complete the Communication Course.
What has happened? After the first day I could see that my attitude toward conversation partners had become more attentive. This in turn became noticeable by the fact that others had more attention for me, which was a very pleasant feeling.
Sometimes I also noticed that certain people which I have already known for a long time would go on and on telling me something so that it was sometimes even difficult to follow them and stay focused.
Over all I could clearly see that I got more attention although I did nothing else than being “present” myself.
Strange people approached me much friendlier than I was used to before.
I had a special “success” when I visited my sister over the Easter holidays. On the second day there was an emotionally upset discussion which was turning toward an imminent emotional chaos.
But when I remembered the rules from the Communication Course and applied them immediately, within a few minutes I could bring “peace” into the difficult situation.
It was so easy, and I was really happy that everybody calmed down. So these days could be spent in peace and joy and after all they were nice Easter holidays, thanks to what I learned on the course.
I gained a lot on the Communication Course, and not the least factor was the caring direction from Ulli.
Also many thanks to the others who always gave one a “feeling of value”.
Thank you!

It was great! The course has helped and given me a lot. I can now better communicate with the world and confront, understanding fundamental principle gives a good feeling of being well-grounded and acting confidently.
Thanks again to you, Ulli. You have led us through theory and practical drills skillfully and with patience. It was not boring.
I can recommend the comm course to everybody (even if they think they could do well without it and had no trouble with communication). You gain incredibly with its help.
Much love,

Family Communication Course

The Comm Course for the family was a nice experience. Everyday life shows that it makes sense to keep your TRs in. These data create a common reality which makes living together if not always easy but at least more simple.
The course was down-to-earth and effective.
Thanks to all participants and mostly to you, Ulli,
Much love, F.J.

Efficiency Course

Today I completed the Efficiency Course.
I was totally amazed and enthusiastic to find out all the time on the course again and again that the “green policy” is as much fun as the “red bulletins”.
Somehow I thought – because otherwise my only contact to “administration, management, organization” was from the usual world – all of these are messed up, weird, boring, idiotical etc. – in other words the opposite of efficient.
Thanks to Ron and the scientologists of Ron’s Org again many things are improved, better examined, more efficient – in me, or I have the ability to make it more efficient, as the case may be…
Now I am looking forward very much to the Basic Admin Course!

This course has given me a lot of knowledge about my job and its environment. One thing is that I can handle my work much better and that I have a better overall view. The other thing is that I now can see all the things going wrong. These “going wrongs” I can now take one after the other and correct them, as far as possible from my position. Generally I got a real grip on the subject of “work” which in turn gave me a higher certainty!
I am looking forward to the Basic Admin Course!
Jan S.

In June I completed the Efficiency Course. The Efficiency Course is a small course which contains a lot of knowledge. Now I am even more aware about how I use my time. I only do things that have to get done.
Before any activity I ask myself whether a) it is really needed and b) it is needed now or only later. A lot of small and big time consumers were banned from my life. I do not need to check my e-mail 3 times per day. And there are websites which have a certain addictive potential but do not get me anywhere in life. I also have learned that inactivity often is based on the inability to confront. Now I always try to identify what in my work I cannot confront. Then I confront it.
Apart from that: The most efficient way of working does not help if I give in to the inefficiency of other people. That is why wishes, requests and inquiries which I receive are looked at very closely by me. When they aren’t well-considered, I stop them or change (improve) them. Does that sound harsh? No, it is just being efficient. 🙂
What is efficiency about? It is about creating an effect. Entheta decreases my effectiveness. But when I am efficient, I render entheta ineffective. And when I am efficient every day of my life, I can say in the end: I have played a good game.

Life Repair

The 5 days I could spend with you until now did a lot of good.
I feel freed from an incredible rumble and jumble. This in turn gives me a feeling for myself. It is as if I would have taken on a tangible form again – no longer so dispersed, so nameless.
I feel more in life and alive, and that is so beautiful, I have back a future.
Many thanks to all who contributed,

2 weeks ago, after 5 days of intensive auditing, I attested the successful completion of Life Repair. On the technical side it was interesting to see how my initial considerations about talking openly on burdensome subjects vanished. More and more I saw auditing as a game – a game in which I and the auditor together “work” the bank. As I had worked with other techniques before it was very interesting to find out that one can really experience relief by observing things very exactly and (repeatedly) voicing them.
I want to once more say thank you to Ulli for the really professional auditing and Beate for the likewise professional case supervision.
Wins? During the Life Repair I felt often (also in the evenings, post-session) very relieved and joyful. I could communicate more relaxedly and at the same time more concentrated and with joy. Now, nearly 2 weeks later, I can add that I sleep much better than before (I have voiced those things in auditing which before frequently stole away my sleep) and thus am more powerful and concentrated. The biggest surprise however was my own behavior in certain social situations. I do not know when was the last time I was so free and easy and extroverted in my communication.

Earlier this year I took my first steps on the bridge in Frankfurt. I have had some wonderful wins, and I’d like to tell you more about them.
My main benefit has been that I feel more at ease dealing with myself, my current situation and the future. I have had some hard losses to deal with the last few years, and through courage and persistence had been able to cope with them. Now these issues have disappeared from my life altogether. Their reactivity is simply gone. This has allowed me to be more in present time, focusing on the future that I want to create for myself. I am starting a wonderful new job next month, and I have a long term dream, or life goal that I am steadily progressing towards. I am also becoming very good at dealing with people on a natural third dynamic level. I simply couldn’t be happier.
And the wins are continuing. I am Dutch, so it makes more sense for me to continue processing in my own country for now. But Otfried is still my supervisor. My current step on the bridge is objective processes, and the wins I have had with them have absolutely blown me away. I have a firmer grip now on the ‚Reality‘ part of ARC, which has always been my weak point. And I have been able to deal with issues that apparently had been bothering me as a Thetan for billions of years (chiefly: boredom, or the lack of any interesting game to play, which had been hampering my doingness). The supervisor made some excellent calls here that allowed me to maximize my wins.
The people at Frankfurt make wonderful company and are absolutely brilliant at what they do. I would recommend their auditing to anyone.

ARC Straight Wire

I have found out that my state will not worsen any more.
Formerly I became angry for long periods, when things didn’t work. But recently I have noticed that when I have failed it was because I had acted reactively. This makes it easier to try it again.
When I look back over the last few months I find that whilst doing my job, and in my private life, some things are going better and many things develop in a way which is useful, or just generally in the right direction.
Overall I have never felt as strong, mentally, as I do today.
I am sure that in the future I will improve even further.

My dear Friends,
Today I was attested on ARC S/W and am completely happy about it.
I have understood that everything is based on communication and that THIS is what happens in us and around us. I also was able to realize the difference between having the viewpoint as a thetan to think you are the body or to know you are a thetan and have a body.
I had some concepts and ideas on what ARC S/W is and how this process looks like and I also had some funny ideas what it means to go up the Grades.
All of that is gone with the wind because the doingness showed me what it really means to run ARC Recall. It means to get into contact with the environment and with myself more and more. And I can tell you that there is really nothing greater and more fantastic 🙂 I realize that I just become bigger.
I also know that I am more in communication than before and am looking forward how my life will develop 🙂 I am also looking forward to Grade 0 and to its cognitions!

At the beginning of my auditing changes were most present. Boil-offs which were extreme, and I felt very positively how the unwanted masses went away. My condition improved from session to session. Earlier I sometimes was feeling more or less dopey. I felt dizzy and never was fully “there”. 90 % of this has gone.
I am more relaxed. Situations in which I became angry earlier do not irritate me any longer. Generally, I feel calmer and more relaxed. On top other people react more positively towards me.
I cannot describe everything in detail. But in any case I have great gains and hope it goes on like that.

ith each auditing step it becomes clearer to me that I can be cause and that I have to be cause over any changes in my environment.
I am aware that I am winning more and more and that I can rely on my perceptions more and more.
In brief, I know that actually I see much clearer than I believed I could until now.
My certainty about myself and my environment becomes greater and greater and clearer and clearer.
I know that I can become more and more perfect by applying LRH tech to my cycles of action. And by looking more closely I increase my knowledge and my understanding.
Up to now I have never had so much clarity about myself. My ARC has risen not only regarding myself, but also regarding others and the universe.
I know that by my intention alone and by my cause I change and improve any emotional level in me and any situation I have.
I am cause over myself and my universe. All those insights are thanks to the skill of my auditor Georg S. and thanks to LRH who gave us the tech.
Thank you, Georg.

Success Story – Dianetics on a child

A 12-year old girl had panic-like fears regarding flying, and did have them since she was 3 years old. The parents had no explanation for it. Now the family wanted to travel abroad and, as in the years before, the girl panicked, had a temperature and couldn’t sleep at night – like this had always happened a week before the flight was to take place. The parents used to give the girl heavy sedatives to get her into the plane at all. She had wet hands and was utterly pale.
When I heard about that I asked the girl (whom I gave private lessons) if she wanted to try to get rid of her fear of flying with my help.
She immediately agreed and said she would do everything to escape these fears. So I grabbed my meter, a pen and paper and gave the mother the order to not disturb us at any rate – even if we wouldn’t come out for ours or the house was on fire. The mother agreed and promised to keep watch in front of the door like a guard dog so we would be uninterrupted.
We sat down, I didn’t explain anything to the child about e-meter or Scientology, but told her to take the cans – did a can squeeze and asked her what the word incident means for her. She explained, and that was already what she was stuck in. I went on and explained returning; I said to her, “go to the beginning of the incident and tell me when you are there.” We ran the commands like explained in Book 1. Funnily she did not mind at all to get the same command again and again. She became more alert, remembered more clearly, and it became faster and faster, until suddenly all pictures were gone. She was amazed because the pictures really were gone, as were the misemotions. Very cheerily we ended the session and the child had no longer fears of flying.
For the parents this was a miracle. Years and years of trouble, and now it was alright? Yes. The session was on Friday, and the flight on Sunday. Without any sedatives to the airport, and no wet hands. The child was happy and calmed her parents and told them that really all was okay now. During the flight the mother again and again took the hand of her daughter, and the child laughed, looked out of the plane window and told her mother that maybe she should get some help from me now.
On the flight back home again NOTHING happened.
They all just couldn’t believe it. Only for the girl it was utterly normal, because now she knew the reason she had been in panic for such a long time and how these pictures had oppressed her and that she got rid of them and that without pictures and feelings and thoughts nothing will happen, because she is freed from it and knows she is there.

Other Courses and Seminars

Success story about the extension course „Fundamentals of Success“

During the course I had several very valuable cognitions which contributed to my handling life – once more – better. The tone scale and the Ruth Minshull’s book which I “inserted“ helped me a lot in that.
Additionally I had the feeling as if a kind of nod was untied and I can now eventually start to do what I intended to do job-wise (and even if it is “only” a first step on the road to what I once really want to do and will do…).
On top of that I realized that I lead my life with more focus on my goals: those things that are helpful are taken along even if they come unplanned, those that do not help or merely inhibit can easily and with no bad afterthoughts etc. be rejected.
Something that influenced my life in a negative way is somehow “broken apart”.
It was a great experience to work at something without an auditor or course supervisor being immediately at my side (physically ). Judging from the “benefit” this course has given me a lot as I can see it now at the moment.
Dear Ulli, thanks a lot.

Right at the start of the course I began to have wins and at no given time I have found that I opposed the things offered (statements, practical exercises, laws) To me the over-all system of Scientology as presented by Gilham is logical, can be followed and foremost, it is very easy to understand. Since I started the course I did not regret for a moment that I took up contact with Ron’s Org. Already after a few pages read my life advanced, and my lack of goals and plans disappeared in thin air. From each chapter, even the smallest one, I experienced gains, and I am very satisfied with the overall result. Of course there are some points which I could not directly put into practice during these four works of intense learning. But with this course, I feel much better equipped for life, and when I asked many acquaintances, their feedback was that I have developed myself enormously into a favourable direction. From the first moment I meet a new person I approach him in a totally different way. I have neither lost nor improved my charm, but my ability to communicate has increased drastically. Since the beginning of the course there was no single occasion where I did not know what to do or found myself in a dead-end situation. I confront more, solve problems and am 100 times more purposeful than what I expected of this rather short book with its checksheet.
At the close I want to say that in each of the points covered I would like to improve my abilities even further. Just by repeating the chapters and re-doing the exercises won’t do that. Thus I will definitely continue to gain from the course curriculum of Ron’s Org to improve my efficiency and my well-being. During the course I also had the opportunity to get acquainted with a person who told me a lot about his experiences with Scientology. I am very happy that he was telling me about it so openly, and I hope for further co-operation.

Success story Money Course and PTS/SP Course

In early August I participated in the Money Course delivered in the RO by Beate.
In themselves the data were not new for me, but to refresh them, clarify them and get certain application data in compressed form gave me an incentive to take these more seriously and work more intensively at putting the theory into practice.
For example, over two months I kept book over my household expenses (which I never would have done earlier), with the result that one type of expense was different from what I had expected: I spent only half the money on food compared with what I thought, but twice the sum on eating out. So I decided to decrease this.
For me the most important thing in the Money Course was that you have to formulate your goal or goals exactly, work them out in written form and plan and execute them in gradients to get any progress, and that you have to improve and rekindle these things in case you run aground or get diverted.
From now on I put more vigor and intensity into achieving my goals so I can see them better, realize them better, word them better and achieve them.

This has also to do with the PTS/SP Course which I completed recently.
It is always important to stay tuned to your goals, to continue to work and to not get discouraged, no matter what other and counter-intentions there are and how strong they are.
It is immensely important to always start and postulate anew, to not make yourself smaller or let yourself be made smaller.
If you do not create your life actively then you will find yourself finally amidst some drift, and who knows, what sort of drift!
Thus I will invest more effort on the dynamics to see my real goals, pursue and achieve them – and this makes more happy anyhow.

Thanks to Ron and the Ron’s Org.
Much love, I.K.

Success story about the Course „Study Techniques“

Already while being on the course I could no longer peacefully lie in the bath tub with a book – at least not with a Hubbard book. 🙂
Somehow it was too much – book, dictionary, writing pad, pen, demo kit, wet hands and not enough space!
What I noticed:

  • I look up words which I read or hear and do not know, and first I try to find definitions myself (up to now I often took synonyms instead of definitions)
  • I read more attentively
  • If I get a letter from an authority, I know that from now on I will understand it and not give up immediately
  • Interest and joy in the language have increased
  • When writing some text myself I try to do it as precisely as possible and with fitting words
  • I also have realized that earlier on I wasn’t very good at learning something by heart, but I liked “studying”. (It was not always an advantage at school, but today I am happy that it is that way!)

A little recommendation on top of that for the German speaking, the book “Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod” – I borrowed it from my mother and talked to her about it after reading it: I found out that she hadn’t even understood the title…
Thanks a lot Ulli that I could study the course in that way.
Thanks a lot Inge that you made it possible for me to do the course with you and at your place. I think you did a marvelous job, go on like that!

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Bridge in general

Grade IV


Grade 0

Progress Program


Grade I



Grade II


Lower Grades


Int Rundown

Word Clearing M1

Grade III

Dianetics Case Completition


Bridge in general

Dear Beate, dear Ulli, dear Otfried,

I want to write down my wins which I got through the org during the last 5 years, be it by auditing, courses, talks or just by the org and the people in it. Of course it can be published in all languages.

The thing is that I have become much more stable compared to how I was before and that in situations, no matter which, I get or got a better and better general view. In this I notice that I am in a much much better communication with my environment and myself and that I can return it if I deem it necessary. I can say that during these last 5 years I got into a much better “shape” and feel both physically and mentally more and more flexible, young and dynamic than in the time before. I am sure that this is related to the fact that the reactive burden becomes less and less. For that I want to thank Ron, you, Beate, as my auditor, you, Otfried, as my C/S, and you, Ulli as my terminal for all questions, as well as all org staffs and certainly also the participants in the org! It is good and it feels good to be in contact with an island of clarity. Bill R. once said to me in Les Verrières when I told him that I lived near the Frankfurt Org that I have made a very good postulate. Every day I notice that he was just right about it.

I also experience myself more and more self-determined regarding the subject of Scientology in the public. I have lost all inhibitions to tell somebody in my business or private environment that I study Scientology. I can even say that no matter what “reactive thunderstorm” follows – or not – I can confront it. I even enjoy to tell my opinion and communicate it, it gives me strength.

Thanks to the time in the org more and more of a structure cristallizes in my life, in what way I want to live my life, what is important for me, what I can do without, what I don’t want etc. My life becomes more conscious and communicative all the time, which I do not want to miss under any condition. The time of unawareness has come to its end and a beginning has been made, which I could achieve thanks to the Org, and once more I want to say thanks to all named participants of the Frankfurt Org, and also to the other orgs there are. You do an invaluable job!!!

During the last 5 years, I have become more and more self-determined, but I also know that a lot is left to do, so I am looking forward to going further and further up the bridge and experience the “miracles” of each level. 🙂

Much love,

Grade 0 (Communication Release)

So beautiful what I was able to experience. Incrustations, involvements which I did not even suspect were there have been resolved.
During the journey I was often surprised how attitudes, viewpoints and experience can manifest themselves. You could say during restructuring.
It is a bit like a marionette – if a string is pulled a certain body part moves.
During auditing I mainly learned to keep counsel with myself, often enough I had not listened carefully.
I have become more aware of myself and things and relationships to my environment arrange themselves in a new way.
The procedure is very good.
Thanks to the attentive, caring practitioners.

I didn’t fully realize, this ability somehow “creeped up” on me. To go for session with Otfried each weekend was what I was used to, and it is very pleasant, too. Suddenly life came into my way and demanded (how impudent!) that I acted – and look here, it was much easier to get the situations handled just by communication. My boss thought he doesn’t have to talk to his employees to improve misunderstoods, problems and mistakes, but rather worked himself half to death to keep the company going.
In the end I was so mad that I practically refused to work. Only then he was willing to talk to me (actually to give me the boot). Eventually the discussion we had was very successful – after both of us explained their point of view it became clear that it was just a lack of comm that was the cause of the upset.
Since that event we have reestablished a very good understanding amongst each other and the whole working atmosphere changed fundamentally to the better.
Well, it is not enough to know, you have to apply it (that is to say, communication), too, to change conditions.
Fundamental, isn’t it! Anyhow, I have dug it now, too.

Dear all!!
Today I attested Grade 0 “Communication”. Since the beginning of my sessions on this grade things changed at home, at work and with many other people and even animals. What changed remarkably is the affinity; it goes up and up and up. What also changed is my point of view on what to communicate or let others communicate. Meaning for instance that I now concentrate on “theta” communications. Also I now will be able to say “no” or, to express it better, I’m willing to say what I want. Communication should give one energy instead of cost energy. Beate, thanks for the wonderful sessions. You really help me to have a more wonderful life! Ulli, Otfried, Julia, Nastya, all a lot of thanks for doing exams, C/Sing, help me on study and creating such a theta!
P. N.

It is a great feeling to have the certainty that you can communicate with everybody about everything – but you don’t have to do it. Already during the auditing on the Grade I noticed constant improvements of my comm ability. My perception of my own body and my environment improved, too.
Now after completing the Grade my consideration on time has changed completely. I am calmer and use intention instead of effort to achieve my goals, when I speak to others. This gave me back the confidence I always wished for.
I want to say thank you to my auditor Ulli, my C/S Beate and Ron for the tech, and I am looking forward to the oncoming experiences and wins on the Bridge. May many to follow walk the Bridge and enjoy their wins – it is worthwhile!

Dear friends,
I attested Grade 0 (Communication) and am totally happy about it.
This Grade gave more space to me, or I recognize the space around me much more precisely. It is like I see much clearer now. I am in contact with my environment more directly and I feel that this connection is free from any restrictions or stresses. Additionally it is now much easier for me to see situations from different points of view and to understand these, too. It is a free and easy communication which I can now embark upon, and I also realized that there are much finer ways of communicating than language – and this is something very exciting and comfortable because this is the way of communication we know; I call it non-verbal communication. It is a real adventure to experience and engage in such a kind of communication and this is what I am looking forward to do I also know now that I can speak with all and everybody about any subject as I like to. There is nothing that could hinder or stop me… and this gives me infinite power. I can achieve everything!
I want to say thank you at this place to my auditor Beate, with whom I could experience the finer kind of communication. Beate, you are GREAT!
I am looking forward to my further road!
Much love,

Today I completed grade 0.
While I was doing this grade my willingness to create and receive communication has been largely improved.
In the past I often had considerations about whether or not I should generate communication, and in specific situations I couldn’t stand the idea of focussing attention on myself by generating comm.
By doing the grade 0 processes my comm has become less enforced and much more natural to me.
I like to thank all staff members of Ron’s Org Frankfurt, but especially my auditor Lothar for their help in achieving this success!
P. R.

Today I attested Grade 0 Expanded. I am very happy about it because good communication is such a fundamental, such a positive ability which I appreciate very much in others and which I like to practice myself.
Through the auditing on Grade 0 and the gradual application of the regained abilities in life I have experienced marked improvements in communication. For example, before that I did not feel very comfortable in groups, it was hard for me to outflow in such situations. Today I feel comfortable in groups, too. E.g. two weeks ago I invited my colleagues to a Christmas dinner and I felt really free and well about exchanging with them the whole evening long.
Now I can speak openly even about seemingly difficult or unpleasant subjects, on the job as well as in private situations, and it is a wonderful experience to note that by this the communication lines become free (again) and I can direct the motions and changes self-determinedly into positive channels. As an example I noticed this when I needed to clarify a misunderstood with the chairman of our company. On this special occasion I found that the combination of having completed the Hard TRs and Grade 0 was optimum. To look at things as they are, then freely exchange with others about them and finally go at improving them together.
I have experienced that by consciously using open communication I increased reality as well as affinity with the other person, e.g. in new business contacts.
The communication with my environment has improved and broadened, too: Often I have a perception of very large spatial areas and the objects in it, for example when taking a walk. This is something which gives me great joy, again and again.
Amongst the most beautiful things is the development of the communication in interpersonal relations. It is wonderful to exchange with my partner, utterly open and with not the faintest bit of restraint, on those things which really touch me. It is wonderful to reach finer and finer areas of perception and be able to tell all the beautiful things I perceive in my partner to her. And I feel it is good and right to exchange openly on all feelings, wishes and needs and by this reach a common, a connecting experience that connects us instead of separating, which expands instead of narrowing, in brief: which sets free!
Thank you Ulli for the auditing. Thank you Otfried for C/Sing. And thank you, C., for our shared life!

Suddenly and unexpectedly… I am communication release. I can hardly believe it myself, just the moment before a “big fat monster” was sitting outside the door which made me doubt everything. I doubted that it made sense to speak, even in auditing. I realized that I became detached from myself while speaking. Thus I did not want to speak any longer. And eventually, nearly in passing, I realized that not talking in itself, but obsessively adapting myself to my opposite was the subject matter that wanted to surface. Do you know this? You always want to do everything the right way and to hurt nobody. I became aware that such a dogma can inflate quite a bit through 47 years of living life. It has become second nature to me, it clad my voice, tied strings of rubber to my heels which made every new step harder. Well camouflaged as “empathy, friendliness and regard” this compulsion pervaded all of my thinking and acting like a fungal mycelium, covered my personality beyond recognition. There were days when I could not recognize myself in the mirror.
To realize and understand all of this was due today. And I attested to myself being communication release. It is unbelievable! But I do not have to believe it, it is a certainty! And it feels magnificent! From now on everything will improve! Thanks to the org, especially to the patient Julia and Otfried in the background and, well, also LRH.
Now that’s enough. 🙂

Grade I (Problems Release)

Today I completed Grade I. At the beginning of that Grade I was very much looking forward to dealing with my troubles regarding problems, but at the same time it was completely unreal to me that I might be able to solve that troubles – too much was I charged and aberrated regarding the subject of problems.
The processing, which started off with the objective processes, held quite a few surprises for me! The relation between me and MEST has become more relaxed. My ability to control and my havingness towards MEST have changed very much to the better! I can face possessions and MEST now more relaxedly and with joy. At the same time I became less fixated on property and possessions, and
the MEST universe now seems less of a burden but rather a big playground with a lot of
The subjective processes following that have removed mountains of masses, considerations and charges regarding problems which weighed heavily on me. Now a problem is to me what it is, a challenge that can be solved and not an avalanche of confusing intentions-counter-intentions, masses and difficulties that up to that point buried me.
I am enthused and fascinated at the same time of the precision and effectiveness of the technology. If I look back at it, each single step absolutely makes sense to me. Many thanks to my auditors Otfried and Beate who guided me with incredible precision through the dark alleys, twisted caves and unfathomable depths of my bank.
My thanks go also to Ron’s Org, the staffs and especially all the pcs and students who support the org and are also a very important fundament for the workability and viability of our org.
I am absolutely certain that we as a group together will make it – each one of us, everything of it!

I feel more relaxed towards life. I could find out for myself that my problems are less complex than I thought originally. I have gained clarity on what has been and where my journey goes.
“Having“ problems is just no longer a problem.
Attention has come free and I can direct it more into the direction of the present and the future.
Many thanks to my auditor Julia and C/S Otfried which have enabled me to make this step of realization in a very straightforward and safe way.

Hooray, today I completed Grade I!
This Grade gave me many wins. It started with the Objective Processes which helped me to be better in present time and also better in communication with my body and my environment.
In the course of Grade I realized that I became more and more relaxed. I noticed it especially during the last few weeks. Decisions of the management no longer made me angry. These were not my problems, and before I thought they were. Really a lot more relaxed that way. Now I can focus on my duties and let the problems of others be theirs.
And today at the grand final I could resolve some considerations and postulates from the beginning of my school time which had made life hard for me ever since. What a giant relief!!!
My special thanks go to my auditor Ulli for safely and effectively guiding me throught that grade – it was a lot of fun, too – to my C/S Beate for the tailor-made program and to Ron for this wonderful Tech.

Today I completed Grade I (problems and help). I feel like tidied up in the mind and I am very happy about it I now feel as if the road in front of me is clear of unpleasant things and I can go ahead. Additionally I now have an understanding of what is a problem and how I can solve it, any time and always! I also notice how I become more aware in life and obtain a broader and broader general view of life.
My thanks got to LRH for this technology and in the first place I thank my auditor Beate!
Much love, J.S.

Hello my dear friends,
In 2007 my good friend and auditor Jan van der Does audited me on grade II.
In the course of time we continued with the auditing process and after concluding the grade II went on on the Confessional processes. These processes also were concluded successfully and life and work continued. What happened after the auditing was actually amazing as I needed no longer to be in control all the time but actually for the first lime in my life could allow other people to be cause over me. This was a significant change as I considered myself always to be a “control freak”. Another remarkable change was that I did no felt the need to interfere where other people argued or discussed things, apparently in their attempt to be right. Also “To be right” was not my primary drive anymore. Being an internal auditor (accountant) with one of the main banks in Holland, these changes actually were also noticed and better ARC resulted in a competitive and bureaucratic area. Can you imagine the calmness that came from that change?????
Preparing for grade III auditing at Ron’s Org in Frankfurt, It was discovered that actual attest of auditing completion of the grade II had not taken place. The first time this crossed my mind was a couple of months ago, but I did not think is was that important. Funny enough the thought came to me more and more and as it turned out quite some attention was fixed on it. Some additional auditing was arranged to find out if the full EP was accomplished. As it turned out this was actually the case and so YESTERDAY I OFFICIALLY ATTESTED GRADE II.
My win in this? The acknowledgement of having reached the full EP of the grade II, the full validation of the good work of my friend and auditor Jan van der Does, and last but certainly not least the fact that delivery of 100% Standard Tech, as is demonstrated in Rons’Org Frankfurt, is a profound basis for me to continue on my road to truth. Again I feel the calmness again that this release brought to me. So nice and peaceful!
Writing this and overlooking what fine results auditing has presented me so far, I am not going to wait that long again for my next grade, so guys, you had better prepare for here I come!
Thanks to all and much love and ARC.
P.K., Maasland

Today I have completed grade 1.
This grade has produced a remarkable improvement in my ability to separate myself from problems. Before doing this grade I had the tendency to become absorbed or occupied by problems. The result of this was that I could not be comfortable with the problems being present, and I could not solve them either.
The ability to detach myself from problems created more space and a better perception of the problems, and as a result the need to solve them has become less, and the ability to solve them has improved!
I like to thank all staff for their help in achieving this, and especially want to thank them for the affinity they gave me during this grade, this made an important difference to get me through!
Thank you all!

Again, I’ve experienced very smooth auditing in Ron’s Org Frankfurt. At the first sign of upset, very fast interview – C/S-cycles put things right back in the fast lane. I cannot help but be amazed at the precision of both my auditor and the Tech.
I think that the biggest wins are the wins I benefit from in daily life, which are not abstract, ‚think-level‘ wins. So, perhaps my biggest win on Grade I is, that I have not smoked one cigarette after I walked out of the final session two weeks ago! – I simply didn’t feel the need to do it. Not ONE protest from any cell in my body!
This coincides with the whole shift of viewpoint I got out of this Grade: I CAN do things, but I don’t HAVE to. Without having to use force or effort, I decide for myself on each action. I am not bothered by the behaviour of my colleagues, girl-friend, parents, smokers, drinkers, and so on.
I feel much more in control of myself. At the same time, the people closest to me seem less enturbulated concerning me; they are more relaxed, while I do what I think is right at the same time. In the past, this would have been a contradiction, but it is not.
This certainly must be a step toward pan-determinism. And I am not planning on stopping now!
Thank you everyone at RO FF, LRH and CBR.

Grade 1 was boosting and invigorating for me and very, very validating. In its course some “stable” attitudes became changed.
While on it I began to wonder of what these so called problems are composed. And a new, very useful and applicable stable datum turned out for me: If there are confusions, get to the bottom of them, and then they are no longer confusions.
I feel validated in all respects that I have not made so many mistakes.
Thanks a lot to my attentive companions Julia and Otfried and to my husband, my benevolent companion.
Thanks to you, Ulli, too.

Today I have attested completing Expanded Grade I. I am very glad, because right in the last week here in Les Verrières I have solved a problem “in life”, in a personal area that is very important to me. I think that especially by the actions done before on this grade I was able to look at this so thoroughly and finally to handle it. It is such a great thing to run the different flows in auditing that I want to say: Just that principle of the tech alone is “ingenious!” I have seen it most clearly on this grade which deals with “problems” and their resolution. Where others have problems with others (Flow 3) I had good abilities before already to look at it and resolve it, e.g. in my job life where I have been asked to mediate in big projects etc. On other flows I had more “opportunities for improvement” and potential for gains. And on these very flows I now had the biggest wins: Especially with regards to being more able to position myself clearly. I know and communicate the things where I am flexible and open to discussion, and I know and communicate the things that are so important for me that I will not yield, to keep my personal integrity. This has helped a lot by the win on Flow 1 which I mentioned at the beginning.
Apart from that I had e.g. a win to feel free of problems which a senior had with me (Flow 2). I could clearly see the cause of it which lay in the fact that the past I had a tendency to just say “Yessir” to any requests for me personally to enter into a project. And now I act regarding myself just as I do for a department or our company as a whole when dealing with custormers.
With myself (Flow 0) I had the win that I found out the cause of problems with myself: that often enough I had a “high measure” for myself, much higher than the one I ever would use for other people (in private and professional circumstances). Thus I could resolve a lot and achieve more adequateness.
To sum it up, I can say now:
If I can confront what I know and what I really want, if I have the ability and the courage to clearly say these things and when I can confront the consequences of this then there is no problem, or existing problems will vanish.
And this is exactly what I now feel able to do.
Thanks Ulli for your effective auditing full of ARC. Thanks Julia for your willingness to listen as a DofP. Thanks Otfried for your always spot on C/Sing. And thanks C. that you were and are able and willing to look at things as they are together with me. I wish good progress for all who are on their way to this Grade. It is worthwhile! ☺

Grade II (Relief Release)

Hello my dear friends,
In 2007 my good friend and auditor Jan van der Does audited me on grade II.
In the course of time we continued with the auditing process and after concluding the grade II went on on the Confessional processes. These processes also were concluded successfully and life and work continued. What happened after the auditing was actually amazing as I needed no longer to be in control all the time but actually for the first lime in my life could allow other people to be cause over me. This was a significant change as I considered myself always to be a “control freak”. Another remarkable change was that I did no felt the need to interfere where other people argued or discussed things, apparently in their attempt to be right. Also “To be right” was not my primary drive anymore. Being an internal auditor (accountant) with one of the main banks in Holland, these changes actually were also noticed and better ARC resulted in a competitive and bureaucratic area. Can you imagine the calmness that came from that change?????
Preparing for grade III auditing at Ron’s Org in Frankfurt, It was discovered that actual attest of auditing completion of the grade II had not taken place. The first time this crossed my mind was a couple of months ago, but I did not think is was that important. Funny enough the thought came to me more and more and as it turned out quite some attention was fixed on it. Some additional auditing was arranged to find out if the full EP was accomplished. As it turned out this was actually the case and so YESTERDAY I OFFICIALLY ATTESTED GRADE II.
My win in this? The acknowledgement of having reached the full EP of the grade II, the full validation of the good work of my friend and auditor Jan van der Does, and last but certainly not least the fact that delivery of 100% Standard Tech, as is demonstrated in Rons’Org Frankfurt, is a profound basis for me to continue on my road to truth. Again I feel the calmness again that this release brought to me. So nice and peaceful!
Writing this and overlooking what fine results auditing has presented me so far, I am not going to wait that long again for my next grade, so guys, you had better prepare for here I come!
Thanks to all and much love and ARC

Hostilities have played a certain role in my life. I was faced by a personal difficulty and thought it would take quite a time to resolve it.
Well, looking at it in auditing and understanding it has achieved that. I am very glad, because the Grade gives you what it promises: Relief. It is amazing to see how burdensome situations come back under control.
Now I have new possibilities to handle unwanted emotions: a state which until now I could not reach despite various efforts.
My auditor and my C/S have worked with their usual competence and precision so that it was almost an easy matter to do for me.
Of course many thanks to Ron for the Tech!

At the beginning of September Peter Kok took me in session on Grade II. After a few sessions we made a lot of progress. Then on 16 September my wife told me she wanted to divorce me and would move in with a new boyfriend. From that moment on my life was turned upside down with all the enturbulation connected to it. Now 5 weeks later I feel at ease and relieved from the sufferings of life, with this incident in particular. In the sessions we did I came across a great number of my own overts and withholds that contributed to this incident. Although I have to get used to the new situation I can say I feel great relief + see opportunities for the future. Peter (auditor) and Otfried (C/S) thanks a lot for your joined efforts to get me to the point where I am at now. I am looking forward to the next grade already!!
Jan v.d.D.

During Grade II in general my willingness to broadly “be” something increased, to “live” a “something” willingly and also to “experience” it – even including being a human, a body, an object; to be whatever or in whatever emotion/misemotions, other conditions, quantities, communications, for example.
Finally I even achieved the ability to be relaxed about something missing what I wished.
Just for training purposes (?) I at present created a situation within a game including conditions around it, for me fantastically real. These were co-creations. But suddenly and unexpectedly from the opposite side I got a “nothingness”, just when I intended a “existingness” deeply, 1000 % certain – which means that I could impossibly be aware of any other idea.
Interesting to learn to apprehend relaxedly, imagine to e.g. absorb a nothingness, to give serenity to such a space or not – or simply create something else, no matter whether big, small, meaningful, weak – infinite possibilities… in manifold areas of expansion.
Anyhow, I can now experience with much more ease that beings behave like they do, no matter how they behave.
Thanks to you exemplary helpers of Ron’s Org, especially Stefan, Otfried, Ulli and Julia!

GRADE II: from withdrawal to care, April 6th 2013
Today I attested the completion of Grade II 🙂
I am happy about the many gains which I had throughout this grade and about the fact that they persist in my life, as I notice.
I like to be close to others.
On this grade I have realized by looking at my own experiences how doing or withholding things – on all flows – causes a withdrawal from other people and also subjects.
Auditing has helped me to confront these things exactly and resolve them, so that I no longer have to withdraw but can turn towards other people. And this creates a sincere and relaxed closeness which I enjoy. Just recently both of my brothers told me that they noticed that I am very open and that they are glad about this. It was also nice when my father said to me that he saw the ability in me to really understand others.
This grade has many aspects. One point that is very essential and important for me is that I have become even more free, am willing to take responsibility and be cause without a worry or anxiousness of harming others. I can see this on the job where I like to develop work patterns which then many staff members and also clients and employees of other companies follow. I also can see it in my private life, e.g. a short while ago when I proposed on a family reunion that each from the family does some TR 0 with each other family member, and I was certain that something good will proceed from that and so it happened. Through the open exchange of our experiences doing that we became closer to each other again.
While progressing through this grade there were some fundamental improvements, too, e.g. the way I perceive space, the way I can confront very beautiful but also very difficult situations and can simply look at them without having to turn away. I became more and more aware about my actual purposes and I know they are good.
I feel a flexible stability and enjoy it. 🙂
Thanks Ulli, for your auditing without evaluations and invalidations. I admire how much you are there.
And a heart-felt thanks to all of the Ron’s Org team: You create the prerequisites and the framework so that all in the org can do the according next step on their bridge. This is great!

Today I finished Grade II auditing and I feel wonderful. It is so nice to be oriented in the present time and to enjoy life.
Grade II is awesome, especially when I discovered how the previous grades support this grade. The relation to other dynamics has improved considerably, especially with my mother and that too is a wonderful feeling.
So I advise everybody to start!


It was a long confessional through all the dynamics and it feels good to be cleaned of the overts.
I have more desire to tackle new projects and additionally I have gotten rid of a compulsion that was burdensome. One event that up to now was hard to understand now makes sense.
Not only did my understanding of my dynamics improve markedly, but there are even new and hardly disclosed areas which loom on the horizon, too.
A special thanks to my auditor who took up every overt unyieldingly and with a lot of ARC.

Hooray, I made it! I have completed the confessional. Sometimes it was a difficult and tough way to go, but every minute of auditing was valuable. When and where else but in Ron’s Org you get the opportunity to search your time track for activities that were not laudable and then to clean these up. That did not only give me relief, but I had the chance to look at my wrong decisions and their consequences and to learn from errors made on the track.
The result is a definite gain in calmness, my postulates are more effective (now I have to pay more attention what I postulate :-0 ) I also have an easier time granting my fellows beingness.
I want to thank especially my auditor Ulli who always directed me safely and effectively through the processes, Otfried for the always proper C/Sing, the Ron’s Org that made it all available and most of all LRH without whom all of this would not be possible.
Much love, J.M.

Yippee! Today I have, unexpectedly, actually completed my Confessional. Great! Unexpectedly, as this program – other than earlier levels except Grade 2 that in my eyes also was swift as a hurricane – seemed very short:
I feel great because: Heavy stuff, stupidly postulated, thought and made was redeemed. After that you feel – hard to put in words I think – something like a “better or less obsessed person”.
Things have become easier, more fun. My havingness, space and confront regarding persons – including myself – situations and actions, overt acts and withholds, the physical universe, mores and their effects on dynamics, flows and life, cycles in the physical universe and everything what can happen and be done in it have risen considerably.
The ability to perceive harmful acts and withholds in individuals on the whole instead of shrinking back is as phenomenal as comfortable.
Another nice effect are the gains in communication. While the win of Grade 0 is to be able to communicate freely on all flows but through the confessional I have also gained: without being afraid of any old terrible or hilarious thing happening.
My comm cycle has been polished up in the true sense of the word. I can much better see, reach, direct, pass on what is relevant in the presently occurring communication, what is there, and can communicate it quickly, more freely and more easily.
Hard to believe what a wonderful flowing of cycles, of communications wished for that are somehow smooth can be established in an increasable way. I am sure this will increases the fun in doingness immeasurably!
Thanks auditor Stefan! Thanks C/S Ulli! Thanks Ron’s Org and Ron!
Much love

Wow, what a fantastic feeling!
It already had begun some weeks ago. I had very nice wins during the last sessions and felt lighter each time. So many things resolved and for the first time I had the feeling to really be. Where before a valence had the upper hand now was I. And in the Confessional that followed it, some things resolved, too. Altogether it felt like dropping 20 pounds of dunnage. I am very glad that once more I did another step of progress in the direction of freedom, and I give my heart-felt thanks to my auditor and my C/S.
Let’s go on to the next part!
Much love, C.C.

Grade III (Freedom Release)

I used to get furious a number of times a day about small things like accidentally dropping a pencil. Many objects and people have suffered from my anger.
After Grade III this has almost totally vanished. It’s safe to be within my arm’s reach again…
Something I did not expect to happen is this: I have more time. Every now and then in a conversation I notice that I know what the other person is going to say. I have plenty of time to prepare an answer. This really is an advantage.
At the same time I can put my attention onto a specific subject more easily. This is also a big time saver, especially in my work.
All in all, I feel much more relaxed and ‚in control‘ of daily life.
I would like to thank my auditor and C/S, who again has done a wonderful job, and of course LRH for making this possible.

My upsets of the past have been clarified. Lost order in the past was reestablished.
‚I have a new access to energy and its application. Changes are once again easy to experience.
Thank you, Ron, for the Tech.

This was a very beautiful grade, the most beautiful, they all have been very nice. It was nearly too fast for me. Suddenly it was over, too suddenly, I’d liked to enjoy more of it.
Change was the big subject. Yes, there was some. I had to go through many things, dramatically, also and mostly in life. There were attitudes that changed which never could be changed, which I had to suffer through before and which kept me firmly in their grip – and all too often I did not realize it, had to bear it, overburdened and stoically, that it all would remain that way.
And it didn’t. I could notice in my day-to-day acting that I was handling things differently, nearly unexpectedly so.
And that was a good thing, and I was happy about it.
I took this as an occasion to deliberately intend to act differently in one situation or other, by small steps, as before it always was the same unappreciated manner.
And that was a good thing, and I was happy about it.
I began to talk about something where I had long taken the attitude that I should never talk about it again, because it meant separation – separation of relationship, job and seeming friendships.
History repeats itself. How could it be different. The changes again brought about separations. However now I had the idea that it would emerge differently. I decided to oppose the evolutions and face up to them, to actively mold their outcome, and accepted the open end – a new experience.
And that was a good thing, and I was happy about it.
For a long time, I have been carrying a piece of paper with me. I have noted down wishes and other things on it. They were supposed to not remain mere wishes. Surprisingly I realized that these things gained momentum and for example my new job exactly matches what I established before.
And that was a good thing, and I was happy about it.
My stability improved. I feel more like myself, I am closer to myself and I stand much more by myself. My space is larger and my flexibility regarding what might happen has increased. I can describe things more to the spot, see them more clearly, am better able to sort out what I like and what I don’t, or I can leave it open for now what direction to travel.
In that way many changes have occurred until now, sometimes too many, and I had to use a lot of effort in swimming steps. Apparently I can now choose to swim on top.
A bit of ease has returned, a bit more of the ease I have longed for so long and nearly had given up on the idea it would return to me.
And that is a good thing, and now, share my happiness.

Today I attested Grade 3 and am very happy about this change in myself 🙂
This grade deals with all sorts of changes intensely, looked at regarding the various flows.
I had wins regarding all flows. These were most intense with me with respect to changes which I have caused, cause and will cause in others: I could diminish restraints I have put up myself and gain more freedom. I know that I can cause good changes willingly – for all dynamics.
In my job this emerges for example in a way that I even more than before initiate and push through changes and improvements in processes and procedures which affect many co-workers and clients. It is nice to see the success, e.g. that the main principal has other contractors, too, establish these procedures and so on.
More generally I feel in myself a broadening of my tolerance towards changes. The span from fast changes to slow changes which I can have easily simply has become broader, larger. Big and fast changes do not overwhelm me as easily but rather are interesting for me. Slow changes do not as readily bore me, I can rather stay with my opposite with even more patience and affinity.
Just the last week I made an interesting experience regarding bigger-scale changes. By telephone I got a message announcing such a change. After that my emotional curve fell for about an hour. But after that I could accept this change and could freely look forward what chances might emerge for my out of that. And then I realized that this change will make things possible that exactly match postulates I made earlier during this year.
Thus I have become more willing to experience the changes which I cause through my own postulates! 🙂
And finally there are very personal experiences and wins regarding space, time track and my considerations about them.
I feel alert and relaxed with respect to changes.
Alert so I can realize them fully, understand them and permeate them.
Relaxed that I can easily have or not have them, cause or not cause them. That I like them.
For me, this is a gift.
Thanks Ulli, Otfried, Julia that you offer the opportunity to everybody who wants to walk that path! The knowledge and the tech exists, and you have it, know it, know that it is correct, teach it and apply it – wow!

Grade 3 – Completion – “Mutations”
Now from the things comfortably and appropriately observable on this level, and from the knowledge and understanding of things around certain “Hows” and “Whats” resulting that influenced life I am now able to shape life newer, freer, further and bring about changes.

Again I had meaningful wins on this grade in the area of communication, which I liked very much.
First from the lines, combinations and effects of past events, now even more precisely or rather in a different way permeated, I regained the ability to use merely emotions to communicate. Excellent!

But of course I have to exercise myself in this time and again, as with many things alive.
This grew more and more into a sensational “find” on the 5th respectively the 4th dynamic.

I realized that through an unfavorable event pretty much at the beginning of this life I became organically – if you saw human organisms as a kind of coherently working and living tissue – completely cut off of this.

At first I thought it was of the fifth dynamic, which it is because this is about organisms, but then: strange – regarding the 5th dynamic I haven’t such problems of being or feeling separate. Note: this happens to relate to the 4th dynamic, actually unbelievable!

Instantly I could reconnect to this “network humanity”, having found out through processing what it was and how and why it was built that way, and while it unveiled and became clearer and clearer. I did and all fear, all mistrust in it was completely gone, disappeared, no more trace of it.

Rejoicing is even greater now because it was a terrible disease for my life with bad and far-ranging consequences for this whole life – the labor has been worthwhile uncountably to the nth degree, oh happiness, oh all dynamics!

Change? Yes! Thanks to all what I could find out, learn and confront on this special grade, I am presently very much aware about the following: “I am living” – I do no longer survive. This is a very comfortable feeling, beyond matter, energy, space, time, wavelength, position, body and other lighter or denser stuff.

Achieved changing in the world more bravely, single-handedly, regulatedly, deliberately, begun from myself, to cause events instead of letting them happen.
Things move on every dynamic – get moved – and I can move them.

Many entanglednesses on my dynamics and amongst my dynamics are now clear for me, and handling them has become more simple and more varied. Really cool!
Much love

Sometimes soon-to-come changes were looming above me like a threat, past changes were doubted after the fact or triggered unpleasant feelings when thinking about it. Many changes first led to an ARC break until „digested“. And now they are just changes! I found it interesting that you even can change changes – nothing is cast in iron. I am curious about what I am going to change now…
Many thanks to my auditor! I am looking forward to what else is in store for me in the next sessions!
Much ARC, C.C.

Grade IV

I always thought that I was an easy going and flexible person, until I started on Grade III auditing. Then I found out that I was actually being partly pliable only to please others. So I used also every now and then the other people’s opinion to get things done or changed as a sort of survival action: “Other peoples’ opinions are more important than my own.” The same applies actually to changes; I thought I was reasonably flexible to that too, but now it appeared that I only did it for the wrong reasons. If the other party was happy, so was I.
I now notice far more quietness in my head, no more raving thoughts about all sorts of things. Thoughts that also caused that I was not always capable of listening to other people. So now there are no more distractions that divert my attention.
Then I continued on Grade IV. Suddenly all kinds of things happened that I did not hold possible. What a person invents to do for survival and the computations that go with that?!
The revelation and relief when that blows! It is hard to belief but so true!
A completely new world lies in front of me and at the same time all the “old pains” have vanished. Everything now seems to fall in its place and become clearer to me. I feel that the real “ME” has only now emerged. What freedom! A new future lies ahead of me which I will face with great pleasure and without barricades.
I already look forward to the next step!
Thanks Julia, my auditor, for your patience and anybody else around me that supported me. Above all I would like to thank the one person who made this all possible: L. Ron Hubbard.
Much ARC

Before Grade 4 I had to deal with two fixed ideas that were contradictory, and they nearly always opposed each other – but I did not know that at all.
So often I had been looking for solutions that were not realistic, and sometimes I did not find any solution at all. Now this is over and done with. Without the tech I would never had a chance to find that out and would have remained in a chaos of computations. A great side-effect: I Q & A a lot less in achieving my own goals.
It is very pleasant when complexities go.
The future will be simpler.

After more than 13 years with an incomplete Grade IV I am very glad to have finally completed it in Ron’s Org. Now, after the completion of this grade, I also know which case phenomena have tortured me during these years as a consequence. Sometimes these were pretty bad and now, having completed it, I have reached a new level of inner peace and certainty. To be together with others has become very relaxed and when dramatizations occur, the “spark does not light my fire” so easily.

Today I attested Grade 4.
It became possible through the continuous help and support of Ulli as auditor, Otfried as C/S and Julia as DofP.
Ulli, Otfried and Julia, I am very grateful to any of you!

Observing, taking decisions, acting. That’s a away to define ability.
Grade 4 is about creating the prerequisites for such an ability that free a being.

In the past I sometimes felt uncomfortable when listening to justifications of others. Inside of me, I felt like protesting and did no longer see the other person and the situation so clearly.
It is nice to have become free of this now, so that I can continue to be there comfortably and look in such situations.
A good example of this is a specific colleague which several times had upset me when he wanted to talk himself out of a situation by justifying.
Now I can see better and more relaxedly how good control can be achieved and can better make this a reality.

Taking decisions:
To do new things you need the ability to take decisions. I feel even more free now to not have to justify my decisions and actions to others.
For me it means further growing of my own integrity, and I feel a good kind of power in this.
Particularly, this grown integrity has helped me newly forming an ideal scene in a personal area.

In the past, some aspects of self-invalidation had become pretty fixed, in the sense of “I am not as important as the others”. To now have resolved these points is freeing up even more power (till now wasted / retarded / dispersed) to put my decisions into action, undiluted and unbent.
And that’s fun! 🙂
Now I feel that my first dynamic is really on an equal footing with all other dynamics.

An by that very point in auditing I got free sight on some incidents where I have been several dynamics. And I am certain that much more can happen in the same way… 🙂
I am glad to be on that route together with you.
And I am very thankful to Ron.

A great feeling! Today I attested Grade IV. The cognitions I have had on this grade were simply gigantic! I found out a lot about myself, about mechanisms of cause/effect, my own feeling inside my body (good-bye cold feet), and when the service facsimiles had their turn, all hell was let loose with me. A seemingly small thetan now actually feels big again. J
I have gained the certainty to be able to do something, to be cause. A completely new feeling of being myself!
Auditing is a wonderful tool. Thank you very much, Ron, Julia and all who in some way have contributed to this success!
Much love, C.C.

Progress Program

A Progress Program has helped me out of deepest distress, to come closer to myself again.
A blessing has been given to me.
I say thank you to ALL involved who made this possible.
Many thanks.
P.S.: Julia, you are magical.

I completed here a Progress Program after I had left the Church of Scientology.
Although I didn’t feel bad about my past auditing we could resolve quite a few aspects which I hadn’t suspected. I could clean up ARC Breaks of Long Duration and thus find some postulates that had influenced my existence up to now in a very fundamental way. Besides realizing some subversive conditions of suppression I also could resolve a very definite stop regarding art, namely music.
It was a great experience, I am very happy to have the chance to resolve all this. Thanks to Otfried who audited me “on the spot”, and of course to Ron for the tech and all that were involved.

I would like to say thank you for enabling me to see the positive side of recent events in my life & how I have had a „finger in my own pudding“! These recent sessions have blown some things & brought a smile back into my life & opened up a future to me again!
Thanks, CN

I just completed a Progress Program. I feel it was actually a Life Repair Program because it did repair my life after being in the “church” for 40+ years.
I feel great & I am ready to continue on up the Bridge.
P. B.
PS: This was the first auditing in years where I was really in session & being audited by a real auditor who was interested in me as a pc.
No robots here!

I have completed my progress program.
First I want to compliment the auditing, which I think is totally standard LRH.
Before I got a lot of auditing in “the church” and there I became use to that somebody was running you – and “did” something with you and you had to hope for the best.
So here in the beginning of the auditing I felt as it was on a too high gradient because I wasn’t use to be granted beingness with full responsibility as a pc! (Funny!)
But it went better and better as we went along in session and now I think it was easy and fun, to be a pc.
My auditor and I handled one area among others in my life that I’ve tried to handle for – I think – thirty years – we did it within a little while!
Now I feel that I have got my life back – as my own life on my own responsibility, and that feels very, very good!
Thank you Ron’s Org!
L. B.

Today I completed my progress program with success. It had become necessary because during the last year I had to fight a serious disease. It took three quarters of a year until the final diagnosis – a lymphomic cancer in the head – was definite. Before and thereafter it was a real roller-coaster, with diagnoses of shortened life span and then again “all-clear” signals, with chemo and radiation therapy.
In the end it all came out right, the cancer has disappeared and I am regarded as “healed”. Without the progress program, I surely wouldn’t have been able to get through these difficult times as well and with relatively few complications.
Through my auditing I have learned a lot about me and life, I have become much calmer and can grant much more beingness to my fellows.
Above all I give my thanks to my auditor Ulli who always lead me safely through the sessions and always was there for me. To my C/S Otfried for the effective program, and most of all to LRH for this great tech.
By this, I could complete this difficult challenge victoriously.
Much love, J.M.


After I had done the HRD in the Church, I thought it was a pretty stupid rundown. Two years later I attested Clear, but the main ruin in my life was still fully in place! During my progress program the HRD was again taken up. Standardly and flawlessly the exact, right items were picked out, which gave a REAL change in my viewpoint. And you know what? The HRD is very powerful stuff after all!
I feel very much polished up now and I am looking forward to the Grades!


On the Dianetics DRD I found quite a few postulates which had had their consequences in the past.
Without those automaticities and compulsions many things are easier.
Thanks to my auditor and all who helped me to come through this. Also thanks to Ron for the Tech.
M. M.

Today I completed the Dianetics Drug Rundown.
At first it was nothing more than an obligatory step which I’d rather left out. After all I have never been a “junkie” and was convinced that I wouldn’t need this.
Now it turns out that a big difficulty in my life has vanished completely, which was so that I even did not feel it anymore – it had become part of my life so firmly. I didn’t even mention it: this constant feeling of tiredness which let me sleep through half of my life, my ideas, plans, chances, contacts.
Thus I rather have lost something than gained something. I want to say thank you for this “loss” especially to Beate, and for everything else I hardly can name and much less note down.

On March 2nd I completed the Dianetics Drug Rundown. I have gains in that I have a greater wakefulness and can do the tasks of everyday life more easily.
It is much easier to embark on physical activities. Many negative attitudes are gone. The body is freed of a burden and easier to move. There is a growing calmness on my first dynamic. It is now more stable than in the years before. Sleep lasts longer, my ability to focus has improved, studying has become easier. Problems at the job can be solved faster.
Above those things I have found more of myself and also found out why some things in my life happened the way they did.
The beginning was difficult, but then it become simpler and simpler. There were different phenomena, e.g. an emotional antagonism against Scientology and sometimes the wish to quit, but it made no problem on the technical side.
I want to say thank you especially to my auditor Julia who got me through difficult times and never let me down.

Throughout my auditing cycle of the Dianetics Drug RD I felt happier, having more intense feelings, less difficulties with waking up and in total an overall happy feeling. Still wondering if this could possibly have anything to do with auditing, I continued. Some 2 weeks ago I finally acknowledge this fact for myself, that the way I was now enjoying life more and more was indeed the effect of my auditing. Now being done with this RD I can fully say what drugs can do to you and even though you not an addict, it can still mess up a lot in your life. I can also fully say now, how much wonderful life is without the drug effects!
I cannot wait to get on with my next journey and see what wonderful things are there to gain! Thank you all (especially Julia) for the work that has been done and still needs to be done!
And thank you Ron, you were right again!!
Much love, S.v.M.

I have been on the NED Drug RD for some time and have had a lot of cognitions, resp. found postulates of my own which later lead to difficult situations. Often I only realized afterwards that the postulate found was directly connected to reactivity in this lifetime although it was made much earlier.
This game of “doing yourself in” by letting something be stuck in time was more and more obvious in auditing. Since a few weeks, maybe two or three, a new phenomenon has occurred which is hard to evaluate. I had to confront a few things in various areas of life (disease of my father, opposing interests in a community) and it happened to me in various places that things that I had read again and again and tried to understand in many years suddenly became clear for me. This has mostly to do with universes, certainty and games. Somehow it feels as if a barrier that prevented knowledge has disappeared.
I put my attention on things or discuss with people and suddenly out of the discussion or the other viewpoint I achieve a cognition for myself. Earlier this happened only rarely, but now it does quite often.
To be honest I do not know exactly from which precise moment in time this change has occurred and how much of it is due to study and how much due to auditing. But the auditing seems to has brought about such a massive increase in my personal reality that study produces a completely different level of certainty (and I did study before, too).
The difference seems to be that now I have the possibility to know without a barrier casting doubt on the possibility. I.e. I do not know everything (how could I, inside a game), but I can potentially achieve knowledge. And I have certainty on this.
So, in brief, somehow a barrier that prevented knowledge was blown away. I also know why we talk about Scientology (scire = to know).
Thanks a lot to my auditor Julia how gave me superb auditing.
G. R.

Int Rundown

Today I – finally – completed the Int Rundown. I did not know how many attention units can be freed by this and how much easier it is now for me to be in present time. I had a lot of cognitions that make new perspectives possible for me.
Many thanks to Otfried for the perfect application of Standard Tech and thanks to LRH that he made it possible to find yourself again!
ML, H.S.

Dianetics Case Completion

On Dianetics so much happened that I hardly know where to begin and what to write down. One could say it was a big, sometimes very long journey.
There were and are incredible improvements. Recently I have been to the optician, something was wrong with my glasses. He completely lost faith in his profession, how could both eyes improve in a 50-year old without operation, he had never experienced a case like that.
One day I had a noise in my left ear. The ear-specialist said he could do nothing but give me some pills. The cause of it had been loud jet engines, I once had been an aircraft mechanic, amongst other types for the MiG 21 (Russian jet fighter), and overly loud music at concerts. However after Dianetics the noise is gone, simply gone. The ear-specialist probably also wouldn’t understand or believe it.
One day in the middle of Dianetics my girl-friend said to me I was suddenly so nice, whether there was something I wanted from her? I myself hadn’t noticed it, I just noticed that people liked to talk with me. In the yachting club they wanted to make me chairman although in my view I didn’t do anything special.
I have noticed I have become faster on the tone scale, so fast that sometimes I wonder what has happened – if something changes I can often find out the reason. I can again remember things which I had long forgotten, I find solutions for problems much faster, sometimes they are so good I am surprised myself. I like long-term solutions. Additionally I have the impression that I can achieve more in less time if I want.
Recently I often find myself tackling something and getting it done although I had already done everything scheduled for that day, thus my capacities have become bigger. Anyhow, many things have improved, of course also my reality about the past very long ago.
Now I believe that for the first time on my very long time track real changes will take place. You could say I have jumped out of the treadmill.
Thanks a lot to my auditor Otfried, thanks a lot to Ron’s Org Frankfurt, that they exist at all.
Thanks a lot, Ron.


On the 12th of May I attested Clear. I didn’t write a success story as my attest to Dianetics and its success story was already enough (so see for info my last success story from the 27th of April this year ). Now I did the Clear Extroversion Rundown, very interesting! I came to realize that although you loose something (when going clear) you also gain something. For me it is a viewpoint on my environment and how much game there is in living! (without things interrupting from the mind). I feel I even have more games than before! Isn’t that interesting??!!
I thank you all, my auditor, C/S, staff of Ron’s Org, Ron and CBR for giving us this change! Also Arthur thank you for supporting me!!
ARC / ML S.v.M.

Yippee… today I have attested to the state of Clear.
It is the state I wanted to achieve since I have begun to do Scientology. For me the first thing was to read the book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”. At that point I did not understand everything what was written in it, but I was very sure about one thing: This state is worthwhile, and I want to achieve it. So I set my foot on the bridge in Ron’s Org Frankfurt and went forward, step by step and with persistence. I cannot describe all the numerous wins I achieved with every step. For me they were just the incentive to go on, as I improved continuously and the life around me changed to the better, too. All became so stable that I suspected it cannot become better, because I had already reached a very good condition.
And now Clear!!! A state which could not be more beautiful. It is really above everything I have had before in this life. Even my successful marathon run I was so proud upon grows pale besides the feeling of the state of Clear. It is just fascinating to see and realize what abilities surface and how barriers resolve. Life is just fun and I am looking forward to the next steps on the bridge. Because this is one thing I know: The state of Clear is an important roadstop, but not the end-all.
Thus I will attack the next targets and continue my way, being sure of the wonderful support of Ron’s Org in Frankfurt. In the final account it is due to them and my super-great auditor Julia that I achieved the state of Clear. So I want to say a deeply felt thank you to all involved, for all the competent and loving company on that way. And I also want to thank Ron very much who made the way possible in the first place. May there be many more to follow!
With a lot of love, L.S.

Today I have attested the state of Clear at Ron’s Org Frankfurt.
Many years ago I made it my goal to achieve the state of Clear. At that time I still was on lines with the CoS, and after many years of being a member of the CoS it seemed nearly impossible to me to ever achieve this state. It was simply not affordable, and also it seemed that there was no direct way towards Clear, because you go from one rundown to the next, just to be sent from there to a repair and then to an ethics cycle and then again to the registrar, where you are told to pay high sums so you can do the next step. Finally I turned away from the CoS, disappointed. I had lost my hope to ever achieve the state of Clear.
By chance I came to know that there was an alternative to the CoS – the Ron’s Org. So I went to find out what it is all about this Ron’s Org. First I was very critical regarding Ron’s Org. But the more I found out about it, the more I understood why I hadn’t been able to progress in the CoS and how much the tech is altered in the CoS.
After I made sure that within Ron’s Org only original materials of LRH are used I started, just 3 years ago, walking the road up to Clear.
As my home is far away from Ron’s Org Frankfurt I had only time to come once a week, at weekends, to Frankfurt. Additionally due to my job I often had to work at weekends.
Nevertheless it was possible to climb the bridge within 3 years from Grade 0 to Clear. To be exact what I did during that time was: an extensive repair, objective processes, Grade 0 through 4, Confessional, Drug Rundown and Dianetics up to Clear. Besides I completed some courses as well and audited a pc on M1. I believe this was only possible because in Ron’s Org only Standard Tech is applied and because the path is followed which was laid out by Ron. No more and no less. What I should mention as well is that I didn’t have to encumber myself with debts to achieve all of this (as it would have been the case in the CoS).

Now you can certainly imagine how overjoyed I am that I have achieved my goal. A goal which I was pursuing such a long time and of which I believed I could never reach it anymore. But to become Clear for me means more than just to achieve this goal. It also means that I have found myself, to know who I am myself, what I want, and most of all it means for me to know what I want to achieve from here on out. Since I am Clear, every day I discover new abilities in me, and I think there is still more to discover within the next weeks.
I am already looking forward to my next steps on the Operating Thetan levels in the direction of Operating Thetan and total freedom and knowledge.
I want to say a heart-felt thank you to my auditor Ulli who always was there for me, to audit me and to accompany the road up to Clear.
I want to say thank you to the C/S of Ron’s Org Frankfurt, that he is so competent and wears his hat so professionally, and that he always knew what was the next, correct step for me.
And I want to thank Captain Bill. Without him there wouldn’t have been a Ron’s Org and I could never have achieved the state of Clear.
‚And last not least I want to thank LRH whom we all are indebted for the tech, our wins and our spiritual progress.
With a lot of ARC, M.C.C.

Finally after all this (life) is fantastic!
A lot of burden has left me. I’m free to make my future, the past is the past and doesn’t effect me anymore. I’m happy to have found Ron’s Org and the real (!) help I have received here. In the short time since I attested Clear my life is really picking up, the dynamics are straightening out, I found a new girlfriend that is everything I ever wanted and the future is looking very bright. I have a whole new life now! Thanks to Ron, my auditor Otfried, Beate und Ulli for keeping the org here and letting me in.
ARC, T. S.

Today I attested CLEAR!!!
A fabulous experience that I must reveal to you all.
When I started in Scientology and have read Dianetics a couple of times I got the idea that this apparently beautiful state mental freedom would be hard to get. Only achievable for a happy few.
How wrong I was.
After actively joining Ron’s Org in Frankfurt and my good friend Jan had audited me on grade II, I started on grade III. These sessions were running great when somewhere in the final sections of the Grade III processes we hit “solid rock” and massive mass was blown that was kept in place by a very “fine” service fac that blew at the same time. We finalised the Grade III processes with great wins, but since that very moment something definitely had changed for the best.
With great energy and interest I continued with my auditor Beate on the grade IV processes. Something in my mind was stirring and at a certain moment in session I got this enormous realisation and cognition of how service facs had been controlling my daily routines and functioning and all of a sudden the whole picture and all its masses blew and I felt FREEDOM.
What a wonderful feeling. I knew suddenly I was clear and the next few weeks I experienced like floating on a cloud in the air, being able to look at anything without any worry at all, still enjoying this gigantic win.
Today, exactly 55 years after I was born, I attested CLEAR after having gone through the required steps for clear certainty. The best birthday present anyone ever could have given me.
This is what makes it extra special to me and I can only say how happy I am that I have decided to continue on the “road to clear” and the narrow highway that is called ‘THE BRIDGE”
To all who have gone this path, you probably know what I am talking about. To those yet to go: do not hesitate but do it!
Thanks to everybody, especially Beate, who made this wonder happen.
ARC and much love

Today I attested to Clear.
It needed a bit of time to find words for it, and here they are:
THAT is how it feels like to be a reasonable, human being.
THIS is a clear mind and an easy heart.
Nothing forces me to ever cause unnecessary suffering again – not for me and neither for others.
On the contrary, the thetan now is back to battery, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
And it is so much more.
Thanks, it was worth the fight. Definitely.

Today I attested Clear! I am so happy to have gained the certainty that I have reached this state, and I feel as if a great burden has been taken off me.
25 years I have longed for this moment and have gone through many ups and downs. Now I know where I stand and can look forward into a future that will lead me up the bridge, as a pc but also as an auditor. Thanks to my auditor Otfried, the staff of Ron’s Org and to LRH for the tech.
Love, H.S.


Today I attested Clear. I didn’t write a success story as my attest to Dianetics and its success story was already enough (so see for info my last success story from the 27th of April this year 🙂 ). Now I did the Clear Extroversion Rundown, very interesting! I came to realize that although you loose something (when going clear) you also gain something. For me it is a viewpoint on my environment and how much game there is in living! (without things interrupting from the mind). I feel I even have more games than before! Isn’t that interesting??!!
I thank you all, my auditor, C/S, staff of Ron’s Org, Ron and CBR for giving us this change! Also Arthur thank you for supporting me!!
ARC / ML S.v.M.

The next step after attesting clear for me was the Clear Extroversion Rundown. A very interesting step it is!
Following the commands of the rundown, I took a walk in the beautiful country side environment of Rendel. Walking to the top of the hill, and following the commands consecutively it made me aware of the calmness and the relativity of the environment. The buildings that looked big, standing right in front of them, only looked small, like small playhouses, from the top of the hill.
Suddenly I got the picture back from my youth, playing with small miniature trains and landscapes.
Dead trees that made a magnificent view, that would have given a very nice picture if I would have brought my camera. Small autumn flowers that are tiny by itself, create a beautiful and colourful scenery from that same top of the hill, but watched from a different perspective. A graveyard, holding death and decay, but at the same time quietness and solemnity and again beauty.
It’s only how you look at things!
Then I realised that the freedom of choice of how you look at things, the freedom of perception and contemplation is what it is all about. The ability to make choices at will. FREEDOM!
Need I say More? 🙂


Super course, very much needed data, now I know exactly what my hat is and how to become stable. I know what difficulties lie ahead and what to do when they arise. My life now seems to be even more interesting and it will be a very fun game now!
ARC, T. S.

The Clear Hat was the most interesting course I ever have done. It gave me some answers to questions I had always suspected but noone ever wanted to confirm them. Once more I am amazed at how Ron found out all of that and a remedy on top of it, too! There is nothing in this universe and beyond which is not related to this data.
The answers to the question “What is going on actually in this – our – universe?” are so incredibly interesting that I do not know what to say more.
Now I am very keen to go on the Operating Thetan levels.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To be honest: When I now am writing a success story about the „Clear Hat“, it would be easy to exaggerate something that was undoubtedly only the final perfection of everything . If I didn’t mention the other things which I experienced here during the last six months I would start too late on the time track. Thus a glance backwards:
Now I am more than 10 years in Scientology (well, strictly speaking much longer), and during this time I surely went through some ups and downs. The state in which I arrived here was more or less frustrated, a little hopeless, convinced that I am a poor devil burdened with a formidable case and surely many years from returning to be an auditor myself. (Well, maybe that was with a little bit of poetic exaggeration, but seriously: I felt quite massy, work was tiring and exhausting, my marriage became tiresome and the „Golden Age“ made me look quite rusty. But: To at all find Ron’s Org, to have had the courage to apply the Doubt Formula to my Church existence and then to leave it was more valuable than any PTS Rundown for me.)
Since that time only half a year has passed, as mentioned before. What has happened since? Let’s start with the small things: Work is fun again, but still has to be changed so I will have more time for auditing.
Feeling massy? Since my last auditing I cannot find any more masses to make myself tired. I had some sleepless nights, but now I can envision calmly the time when my son will start to go to school – I anyhow don’t want to stay in bed longer than 8 o’clock. And in general – with wife and son life has become so pleasant that I have to struggle with myself when I have to plan the next visit in Frankfurt.
I became acquainted with a completely different way of auditing: With real ARC, without thousands of corrections, repairs, handlings – I was listened to, the C/S didn’t try to get through a program at all costs just because it was started, and for the first time I didn’t flinch from getting off embarrassing things. Eventually my idea that I am a Clear (which I first mentioned nearly ten years ago) was taken up and finally verified – after a long time where I invalidated the idea (and myself) and thus had to undergo some unpleasant times. Which was – very much to my surprise – the first real spiritual gain in Scientology for me, for along with all the complexities, the considerations, inhibitions, restraints, worrying and introvertedness I found the inner calmness which I was seeking for so long. To make myself clear, I don’t mean a calmness to stay on some mountaintop and do nothing now, but a calmness which enables me to be much more active than before. And along with it goes a much greater, real understanding of others.
And the Clear Hat, to mention it finally, gave me data which is without any doubt vital for a Clear (and his continuing to be so). I can’t imagine how a Clear can live well and happy without this information for a longer time span – not to mention his goals.
I cannot come to the end without a hearty, deeply felt „Thank you“ for all the persons here who carry the responsibility, who not only do a great job but also at the same time returned my trust and my confidence in Sceintology to me. Feel hugged cordially.

P.S.: In case this report is published in some form or put into the Internet, with which I agree fully, I want to say a word to the reader who is a member of the Church of Scientology and maybe is not fully happy with it:
Should I advise you to leave the Church?
Should you look for a Ron’s Org in your vicinity?
Should you put up with the fact that your friends will not allowed to speak with you any longer?
I leave it to your discretion. Just a hint from me: Trust yourself!

Lower Grades

Today I attested Grade IV. And as with the Grades before and the auditing actions preceding them, today I again cannot pinpoint the win of this specific section.
But when I look at the state in which I arrived in the org years ago and how I am doing today, I compare two different beings.
Then, panic attacks which lasted for days alternated with periods of unspecific illness which nobody could relieve. That I most of the time was in good agreement with my fellow beings was more due to suppression of myself by myself than due to good communication. I worked at my job so-so, and the notice of termination because of my “great” achievements was already looming. I thought I was stupid and had no longer any idea what to do with or achieve in my life. Confusion with no end. Fortunately I was physically so bad off that I could tolerate neither drugs nor alcohol well, but this only stopped me from excessive intake… I could extend the list, but I do not want to bore you 😉
Then I sort of tripped over the org and somehow mustered enough discipline to struggle through hours and days of actions the sense of which I often doubted and which additionally of course turned on a lot of unpleasant stuff. Wasn’t my life already hard enough? 😉
And then it became lighter. Slowly. I do not know what happened when, but today I am healthy, feel myself full of integrity, power and joy. The things which are important to me develop in a good way, my work earns me enough spare time and money, and I get along very well with other people – fortunately, because I care a lot about them. And, most astonishing, it seems I control what happens in my life. However these are rather the “externals”.
I can once more remember my truths. And that there is much more to strive for and to achieve than to keep these bodies going without stress.
A heart-felt thank you to my auditors Nastja, Beate and Ulli. And to Otfried and Erica and Julia – well, what to say: Thanks to all who have made this their game. It shows what an immense amount of love and ability you have.

Word Clearing M1

I just completed M1.
I hardly could believe what wins are possible while doing “bare” word clearing.
And this win was preceded by quite a few other wins.
I am still bedazzled by this win – especially of tody – which really produced a big understanding.
Interesting how much understanding is trapped in misunderstood words. And how much energy and understanding is set free when you clear these words.

Thanks to Ron – for this great tech.
Thanks to Julia, my auditor.
And the team at this place.


  1. Operating Thetan-Levels


PreOT Orientation Course

Pre-Static Life Repair

Progress Program

Excalibur (Operating Thetan 8)

Operating Thetan 13

Operating Thetan 1


C/O Cycle Rundown

Operating Thetan 2

Operating Thetan-Life Repair

Success Story Operating Thetan 14 – 15 – 16 and Super Static RD

Operating Thetan 3

Phoenix (Operating Thetan 9-11)

Success Story Operating Thetan 16

Operating Thetan 7

Operating Thetan 12

Success story after session

Solo Course

Today I finished the Solo course. Learning to be an auditor and pc at the same time.
Another secure but important step towards Operating Thetan.
Before I started I had really wondered how it could be possible to do solo auditing. While doing the exercises (solo cs’es) I got familiar and while studying I got good data on the necessary things that make solo auditing possible. In doing the exercises I got too the opportunities to look back on previous wins and releases and it really make me feel very good and certain.
With this accomplishment the road to Operating Thetan I now opens up for me. A road that I have often considered to be out of my reach. Can you imagine I am a happy man?
I hope I can tell you about my next wins on Operating Thetan I soon.
Thanks to all that made it happen for me.
Thanks Ron for the phenomenal Tech.
Love and ARC

Today I attested for the solo-course!
It is such a great course! It brings reality on how to be a solo-auditor and with the solo-C/Ses you get the confidence that you will be able to apply the tech, learned in this course, on the Operating Thetan-levels.
The first steps onto the Operating Thetan-levels are ahead of me and I’m very much looking forward to begin this journey.
Thanks to all the staff for a smooth cycle on this solo-course for helping with checkouts and drills. Thanks to the C/S for quick C/Sing and thanks to Ron for making it possible for all to be able to make a change!
Much love and ARC,

Today I attested that I finished the Solo Course. This was something that I have wanted to do for more than twelve years. Many times I made plans and postulates about starting my Operating Thetan levels, but during the years it went further and further out of reach.
I am so glad that I came to Ron’s Org Frankfurt!
I have no idea how I would have ever been able to start on the Operating Thetan levels, if I weren`t because of the help and care and ARC of the people in Ron’s Org Frankfurt, especially Ulli and Beate.
I love you all!

I just completed a retread on the Solo Course, wich I had done before in the Church of Scientology.
The Solo Course wich is delivered in Ron’s-Org is, of course on Source and really prepares one to audit solo.
I had many wins while doing this retread. This includes handling false implanted data on technical procedures. I had wins on soloauditing and now have confidence in my ability to soloaudit.
There was some surprising case gain on this course & in the solo sessions on the course.
I gained more certainty of self and a recognition of my own integrity.

I have completed Solo Crs – very happy!
I have studied some auditing training before but actually never audited much with a meter, and must say this course made me feel „safe“ with the meter and the tools I so far have learned. And to learn the auditing tech this way for sure got me a very solid and subjective reality on the reads, TA, ruds etc. So very pleased! The big surprise with the course however, was how much case gains I got as well. My intention with the course was of course mainly to become a proficient solo auditior. But nevertheless it feels like I handled tons of charge, as well as got the answers on many things that have baffled me for years – including finding some long track friends in the world of theta beings. Last but not least I’ve achieved a confidence that I function very well as a pc – a confidence I of „some reason“ quite often lost during my CoS-years.
Big thanks to Julia, Ulli and especially Otfried that made this possible, and for their tranquillity, great ARC and „patience“. Never have I felt that I was wrong, hopeless or anything – every mistake, every problem or whatever I have run into, has always been an opportunity to learn and understand more, with the wonderful help of these beings!
M.J. – Sweden

Progress Program

I could already score a few very good completions here at Ron’s Org, e.g. the Grades, Clear, Operating Thetan 1-3. On all of these levels I had very good wins and could also experience changes in a good sense.
The wins and changes which I experienced on this progress program exceed everything what I ever did before.
I feel a deep-seated, inner satisfaction and freedom. I could not even imagine before that I could ever reach such a state.
It is amazing how precisely the tech works.

Thanks to my C/S Otfried, to LRH and Cpt. Bill.

Operating Thetan 1

On Saturday January 20th I completed Operating Thetan 1. Of course I was very happy and proud to have finally reached the Operating Thetan levels. This evening, I was floating several meters up in the air.
On the process itself I had a lot of beautiful cognitions and I realized something had happened inside of me. But when something is so new and you are up on cloud number nine, you cannot really grasp and evaluate what actually has happened to yourself.
Now some days have gone by and I could familiarize myself a little bit with this new state, and bit by bit I can perceive to which degree I have achieved a real change and improvement.
Besides having become much more relaxed and happy I have also realized that I can see everything with much more clarity. All the complexity of life seems to have resolved.
Many thanks to Ron’s Org Frankfurt for these great wins.

Today I attested Operating Thetan 1. My first steps on the Operating Thetan-bridge! What can I say, it is a very nice level and I had a lot of basic cognitions!
So now that I have my „little“ Operating Thetan-legs I would very much like to grow them so that I can pick up the boots Ron talks about and walk through the sky!
I am up for the next round and up to get winning!
Thank you C/S, thank you Ron!
Much Love,

I gained certainty of myself & my ability to reach & withdraw from the physical universe.
I also gained certainty on others and, as a result, I can have more affinity for others.
Actually anything I can say about this, if I could express it so well, can be found in the factors.
Thanks to Ron’s Org for keeping the tech pure, inspite of COB & RTC.

Re OT1: Short but very „enlightening“ level! Felt so much in comm with the
world after it!
M.J. – Sweden

“More wins would be impossible!” How often did I think that thought during the grades. And I was taught a better lesson, by a factor of 10.
This time I am again convinced that there couldn’t be more of happiness, love, thankfulness and weightlessness. (And how great will it be to be wrong once more.)
Thanks a lot, dear crew who kept me in the tracks although the old donkey was balky from time to time. And a great thanks to you, dear RON. You have mapped the road to this OT 1 summit and were close, always willing to help.

Operating Thetan 2

Operating Thetan 2 was one of the most important steps on the bridge for me. On this level I digged away tons of charge and now really feel great.
For me it was a very long road to the completion of Operating Thetan 2, with many hours of solo auditing, but in the final account it was worth it. I feel a step closer to truth and a step closer in the direction of Operating Thetan. I also became more aware of who I MYSELF actually am.
Many thanks to the Frankfurt team which made it possible for me to do this so important step with them.

Although it is now already some weeks ago, I’d like to turn in a success story on my Operating Thetan 2 Redo. However, I should mention that having the data I have now I understand my first completion of 1982 even less than I did at that time. On this occasion, I really want to validate Ron’s Org. The clear-cut, well escorted way through the individual levels really is an experience. Now I move through each level with understanding and knowledge and do not rush with half-knowledge towards half-completions. Ron’s tech, complemented by Captain Bill’s practical understanding and by your competence makes the way out a real safe one. I want to tell you a most sincere thank you for that.
Besides the actions on Operating Thetan 2 which now really render a completely different approach to Operating Thetan 3 for me a clear realization for me was – after an endless back and forth regarding my Clear attest dating from 1978/79 – that I am/was a natural Clear. Actually I always thought this doesn’t play a big role, after all I had gone on with my bridge, but that was a big mistake. To get the circumstances regarding this in their correct order was very validating. You could say, I am happy to have found my inner center.

Today I was acknowledged for having completed Operating Thetan II. A fantastic result and similar feeling. I completed the cycle already in January, but the forces of winter kept me from taking a trip to RO Frankfurt.
What can I say? It is like making a jig saw puzzle. When you are a young child you get a puzzle of large pieces and once you have laid them down, you know and want to continue on another puzzle that has smaller pieces. Each time your confront is brought up a bit, and also your skills and you want another puzzle. The puzzle of LIFE. To my feeling I have had to put in quite a lot of discipline (doesn’t hurt nobody!!) and auditing for the puzzle that I have competed now, but going on I laid the small pieces down more rapidly and saw the entire picture of the WHY I was doing it. An interesting view on LIFE now.
I have just gone to the “puzzle shop” to get my next one: Operating Thetan III.
Knowing Ron and his ways of gradients and step by step progress, I am looking forward with great envy to what the outcome of this puzzle is going to be.
I will tell you when I have done that.
Many thanks to all that made this possible.

Operating Thetan 3

Today I have completed Operating Thetan 3. It was a long way, but very remunerative.
I have gotten off tons of charge and that is how I feel. On this auditing step I had a lot of cognitions and wins. For example, I have realized what infinity means or that I – as is every spiritual being – am unique.
And what came in a sideways manner is the condition that I am now much more relaxed, also happier. I have no more fears regarding the future. Thus I can say I have personally developed in a positive direction. Many years ago I would not have imagined to ever reach this state.
Thanks to all in the Ron’s Org!

I have just completed the Operating Thetan 3 Redo.
After having had big wins already on Operating Thetan 2 – 20 years after the first time I did it – the same is true, even more so, after the completion of Operating Thetan 3. Within ca. 40 hours of auditing I could complete a lot of open cycles, covering immense time periods. The result is real calmness and the certainty to finally have completed this level, too. The gain in personal freedom is enormous, and as always on these levels this is not just a first dynamic experience. Once more I realized how important a “clean slate” is to make efficient communication. As well as the importance to walk forward on the bridge with unimpaired intention, without duress and pushing.
Again and again it is impressive that we have this chance here and now to handle our time-track. Especially the broad information on the background of Operating Thetan 3 rendered by Captain Bill gives quite a different reality than the one I had before. Now I really understood how things connect on the time-track and could sort out many earlier factors. Besides realizing what is going wrong in this Sector I also understood the reasons that brought me here, in a much wider context. Now I can really estimate the wins that were given to me during the past 20 years. This is just great.
My thanks go to Ron, Captain Bill, Otfried for his professional support and all “orgers” who helped me in this step.

Today I attested Operating Thetan-III. This sentence has only 4 words. But the impact on my environment and myself is immense. Going on in solo auditing on this Operating Thetan level I worked my way through and suddenly I realized I was feeling far more at ease and in control. When I came back from my holidays I looked back at the period I was auditing myself and saw the progress was there and the constant feeling of calmness made me realize I was at a certain point on the tone scale I thought in the past to be unattainable. Without going into details I now really know what it is like to make postulates and to make them stick!
Today I attested Operating Thetan-III. Great to look back on this period of discipline and arranging the environment to make it happen. Great to feel the accomplishment of something that I considered hard if not impossible to get. Great to see these barriers only existed in myself and that they are now gone. Great to see where a real theta environment without suppression can bring you in a relatively short time.
Curious to get on the next steps.
Thanks to all that made this possible, especially Ulli and Beate, but of course LRH for his magnificent Tech

On this Operating Thetan level I have gained a lot of ARC for people and my environment. I have experienced that I could bring about a better understanding of more difficult situations within myself. Although I do not always have an immediate answer to these “problems”, I am able to go a bit more exterior from it to try to get a better understanding. By getting into more ARC with that situation or person I am able to handle with less effort and upset. Nice for myself and, even more important, nice for the other person!
Besides getting “myself” further out of the “spaghetti”, this level also gave me a better and more realistic perspective of what is going on earth today and what still needs to be done to get into this “New Civilization” game. Together with the ARC I have gained, my necessity level for making a difference in this World has risen to higher echelons. This level has given me a power boast to work toward that goal of having a New Civilization!
I am glad Ron made it possible for us to get out of this dwindling spiral and to seek new and better games. Thank you Ron for that!
Thank you all who have helped me on the Operating Thetan III course and thank you Beate for the C/S-ing!
I hope more people will come up the Operating Thetan levels so we can all play together!
Big hug and lots of ARC,

After many hours of auditing I have now completed OT3.
Some things about me which I could not explain have just dropped away.
My communication to my body and my environment has markedly improved. Before I did not have the impression that the comm was bad, but the increase in quality is amazing.
I am much more relaxed and can even work longer than before, and actually I find this pleasant J
Additionally, my overall understanding for people within and especially outside of SCN has increased markedly.
I have regained a piece of freedom which I do not want to miss.
Many thanks to the team of Ron’s Org for the excellent support and of course to Ron who paved the road.

Clear, Operating Thetan 1-3

Dear friends, dear companions

Since May 2014 I didn’t write any success story.
Why? Wasn’t there enough progress?
No, because so many things have happened that I couldn’t keep up with writing J
Today I want to share my wins and what I have experienced with you. I choose an allegory for that purpose:
Nighttime and sleep are over, the visions from my dream have dissolved and morning breaks.

I have opened my eyes, looked around and lo and behold, “There is even more than in my dream!”

Have stretched and extended really far.

I have set one foot out of bed to get up…
And what can I say? I look forward to the day!! J

Thanks Otfried, Julia, Ulli! Thanks Ron!

ARC to all of you who are on the bridge, I am so glad to be in the same team with you!

Operating Thetan 7

Hooray, I have completed Operating Thetan 7.
But this is just a number, there is more to it which cannot be put into words. You have to experience it.
Life really has changed. I also got some wonderful tools.
Communication, Intention, even Being – as myself – now is on a much higher level. There are things to enjoy in life – cannot be described.
The world has unfolded.
Many thanks to all that helped, especially, of course, Ron – and Otfried, my auditor, perfect sessions!

This really is an Intention cleanup and boost. Along with an increase of theta perceptions and creation.
With this level, one can easily be visible as a thetan or be invisible as you may wish.
A bit like coming into pt with, and as, theta. (Sort of as one would have with mest earlier on the bridge). But then in fact mest is really simply a manifestation of theta – asleep, unconscious, sometimes, – but who says it can’t be awoken with a little appropriate intention…
A couple of things: an old friend I wanted to speak with, shortly calling out to me in person from a bunch of people in a shopping centre. To re-dialling an engaged phone number a couple of times to discover a confused person on the other end wondering why his previous connection had momentarily broken and in that little gap I came through. A car driving in the dark with no lights, turns its lights on when I noticed that. (OK, that was fairly easy one before too, but now it was so much quicker and relaxed) and so on. Not serious things I realise – but then what is and why should it be serious. Everything has something to say, an intention, a purpose. Intention can flow both ways – it can be felt and its source can feel too.
ML, C. N.

Pre-Operating Thetan Orientation Course

Since I started the course I had done the Grade 2,3 and 4, the Operating Thetan II course and almost the Operating Thetan III course. My life was somewhat fouled up and I was very overwhelmed – and have actually been in that state my whole life. Things have definitely changed since I started the course – I have gained power, confidence and certainty that I only have dreamed of and now I found it coming into reality in this very moment. It is too good to be true!

Excalibur (Operating Thetan 8)

Before I started auditing Excalibur, I was very much focussed on doing everything myself. In my job, in my second Dynamic, I was the one who ‘took all responsibility’ and who was frustrated that ‘It always had to be me.’
Because I thought I was so much the focal point of ‘everything,’ I felt heavy, tired and emotionally unstable. I consented to other people’s ideas out of fear of creating ARC-breaks.
Toward the end of the level strange changes occurred. I could ‘have’ the ideas and opinions of others more and more. I could also influence others in a light way – or not influence them. And perhaps the or not part has made it possible to, slowly but surely, direct the games I am in into a direction that satisfies most people I work/play with. Without too much randomity. But with just enough randomity.
And, when I ask a colleague about the changes that have taken place during the last months, the immediate answer is: “I’m glad that finally things are working out the way I’ve planned them for years!” – Haha! You know, it is so good to see that people around me have acquired just that little extra space they’ve so desperately needed for so long!
But of course, the very visible fact that life has changed for the better, has nothing to do with Excalibur – it is just a coincidence that some people have left, some have changed, and some have joined…
A big and Universal ‘Thank you’ to everyone that has helped me!
A. M.

Since doing NOTs, OTV, in the Church in 1994-96, I have been haunted by certain case phenomena. I got some good wins on NOTs, but something started up which was never handled. I more or less learned to live with it, but it was out of bare necessity, what else to do?
Starting on The Excalibur gave me hope. The theory part was mindblowing. It was wild stuff, but it was also logical and most of all, it was real, totally real. It was everything a NOTs pre-Operating Thetan needed. It was the missing link and I was excited and reliefed. But when the day came for me to start the actual auditing my failures from NOTs started to key in. I was sceptical to say the least. I doubted my own abilities to actually run it and I was not at all smiling when I arrived the org that morning. But after the first session I was! It worked! The process had run like a beauty. The EP was dramatic, yet down to earth and very very real. After just a few more sessions the stuff that had been haunting me for almost 10 years was gone. And from there on the most fantastic things has happened in my life. The auditing – both from my great auditor Otfried, and from solo – has lifted and removed barriers keeping me from regaining knowingness about all aspects of life. I have had several experiences of direct contact with God, or perhaps I should call it The Theta Universe or 8th Dynamic. This is something I never before fully understood and I probably can’t explain it either as I think it’s something one has to experience personally. I have experienced moments of full access to a kind of universal databank, a source of complete knowingness and wisdom in any field of life. This is a completely unexpected gift and it exceeds all my expectations. Excalibur or it’s processes did not grant me this access, but it removed all the mental noise and distractions that prevented me from „connecting“.
Completing Excalibur I am now stripped of strange and unwanted mental influences and have started a new way of life. I have found my self as a spiritual being, I am calm, I am self-confident, I know what life is all about. From this position I will work on getting more wisdom for my self, my family, my friends and for everybody. And the funny part is that it doesn’t strike me as something hard to do. Quite contrary, when you do the right thing, the thing you really want to do (no matter what it is), then it comes easy, it doesn’t require a lot of effort. I enjoy my new life and I look forward to the task ahead. It is a kind of new beginning and I am filled with joy thinking about it. Thanks to LRH and CBR and to RO Frankfurt, you have a vital task and I thank you for doing it.
With love, R.D.

I just completed Excalibur. I have recovered a viewpoint on my life and the universe – my own! I look back over the time I have been auditing this level and see how life works. As I moved through this level my life changed – long term aims materialised, old games faded away. New adventures appeared. At the beginning there was some mystery, fear and confusion about what goes on in Life. Now there is peace, calm, certainty and love. I find I can look into someone’s life and have a much greater reality on what is happening from their point of view. Sometimes I get their ideas before they have verbalised them… with amusing consequences at times. There was a time when I was very busy working in an office and my manager came over to my desk – I just told him a bunch of apparently random things… much to his surprise, answers before he asked the questions. I realised one should also let people originate comm cycles too! I realised that each person has to make their own way out to their own freedom. You can’t just ‚cut them free‘, disconnected, and expect them ‚to be free‘. Every being has his own route to be walked by himself on his own determinism. And this is where it is walked. This level leaves me in a very comfortable, quiet state – no whisperings of ’sweet nothings‘ or oddities across the void to me.
I am also very happy to have found my very good friends in Ron’s Org Frankfurt who trained and helped me through Excalibur.
much love, C.N.

On purpose I have waited for 3-4 weeks to write down the success story for this adventure.
35 years ago I got the first vague inkling of how it would be to get rid of all the other-determined things and their effects on my life. Now I know for sure.
And of course, it’s great.
One of my major wins is the much bigger integrity and the recognition how senseless it is to make myself smaller or keep me smaller. Of course everybody creates his or her own state, but the learning process becomes deadlier and deadlier as you go down the spiral. And there lies other-determinism.
For the goal is to learn from experience and not to be done in for it. During this level I could get to know the many facets of this other-determinism in such an incredible way. There is really nothing you can imagine that does not exist. During the level I could insert the Solo Power Course to solve some problems that had occurred. The data related to this opened some more doors. Now I could sort out things which were impossible to sort out before. The result was a very calm state, resting in myself, willingness to confront whatever I would undertake and a very large certainty and confidence regarding my destination, my origin and my further development. Most of all the certainty to be able to win this game together with all others.
But the most amazing experience was the Operating Thetan Life Repair. What I could handle on all dynamics on that level can’t be told in words. My concept regarding the dynamics after that was so simple that I could hardly believe it.
The uncertainties which I experienced in the Church after the completion of each level could once more not be traced here. There was just the subjective and objective truth that this kind of charge has been removed. This in itself is nearly an Operating Thetan level.
Especially with regards to the partially very hurtful cognitions which I gained on this level regarding the Church I can value the possibility Ron’s Org offers here even more:
– the bridge that is really done by gradients where you can move swiftly without any uncertainty
– the precise measure of support and trust in the ability and responsibility of the individual
– the completely superior handling of supervision and care.
All of that, I am quite sure, is appreciated by Ron.
With regards to the support in this important step I want to thank my C/S, the “Swiss people”, the course team and also my wife who accompanied me on this journey with patience, some emotion (created from both sides) and support.
I am looking forward to the next level and wish everybody those wins, and fast!


After having done quite some auditing, I was still holding myself back in life. Always working, but not feeling very effective. „Running in place,“ as it’s called. I thought there must be more.
L-Rundown („The Cause Rundown“) seemed like a relaxed 2-way-comm about many subjects. But every now and then, we would suddenly jump into a subject. We discovered things that I had carefully hidden for myself, but that had firmly impacted my life and my thinking. I’m convinced that these items can be found in many people, making their behaviour on their dynamics eeuh… less than optimum. My understanding of other individuals and groups has greatly improved. I can be with and handle them more easily.
So much was picked up in each session, that I’ve hardly realized all the changes yet. On each step of the Bridge I had been auditing the past; but now it looked as if we were auditing the future! The future is F/Ning now. I can freely walk into it; no ideas about how the future must or must not be.
In life, I don’t go into time-consuming „discussions with myself“ anymore. No constant sticky evaluations. If some action is on my list, I simply do it. And that saves time. Maybe I’ll even have spare time some day (laughter).
I think Otfried did a brilliant job as an auditor. He did any action necessary on the spot, without hesitation. He made me feel part of „CSI Frankfurt“: whatever was there, we would find it. On top of all the wins I got, it was great fun digging together!
Thank you, Otfried! — And thank you, Ron!

I just completed the first of the L-Rundowns, which I started right after my completion of Operating Thetan 12. To do the LRundown was a postulate which I have been carrying around with me for 30 years now, probably much longer, and which in my Church times I never really tackled. Now I now, why, because for me it was very important to reach or develop some space for simplicity and this was not possible there. Both levels for me were about resolving old connections and thus the attention and confusion about old cycles which I carried around with me, unnoticed. So in the end only simplicity remained.
Many confusions which were the basics of overt-motivator cycles were removed, many misemotions and false or obsolete goals. The resulting effect was to act much more directly in PT. A lot of new perspectives on the subject of being Operating Thetan were also part of the package. A very big release was to realize that my basic postulate in dealing with others is to strive for a win-win situation. So, altogether it was great stuff which is very recommendable. It is not without reason that only the highest trained auditors are allowed to deliver it. Thus Otfried does it really superbly. Thanks to all which made these steps possible.

I have just completed an L RD. The end point was a win which certainly is the biggest I ever had in Scientology. For I could get rid of such a complex of aberration, mainly on my first dynamic, which was actual dot on the I for Operating Thetan 13 (which I had completed just before). In other words, a basic to the 3rd power. This L brought such an amount of reality regarding areas on which I have had attention for a long time, especially on the 3rd and 8th dynamic. Apart from other things I also could enormously increase my mental potential with regards to knowledge, study etc. Also I could revitalize creative flows regarding art. In other words, it was a booster for all dynamics and a stable basis for a better future. And last but not least I realized why I always had an absolute Tone 40 regarding the Ls. I am very grateful that I got the chance to do this cycle.
Thanks to all, especially Otfried for his professional auditing. I can only recommend the Ls time and again.

Now I have completed the last L-Runddown and with it the full series of Ls. And it ended with a thunderbolt which solved some valence problems of very long duration for me. I did not expect this after Operating Thetan 13, but the Ls really handled a completely different part of my case which in fact was all the time the part that was most interesting for me – but on which I looked with a certain desperation, which is now over and done with. At the same time I am sure that I couldn’t have completed them earlier in a meaningful way. I have had the postulate to do the Ls for 30 years. Fortunately I could do them at Ron’s Org, where there is enough space provided to let it happen. Because space was another really important aspect for me which developed into another dimension. This is closely related to creativity. I could resolve a life-threatening (and I am not speaking metaphorically) aberration regarding music and thus take up an old cycle to create certain compositions for creating space.
Another big win was a cognition about another triangle consisting out of creativity, quantity and quality. For me it was important to find out that you cannot have quality without quantity. It is a very useful cognition that resolves a lot of fixed conditions. And that was actually the primary effect of the Ls, to resolve very ancient past conditions and make it possible to act properly in PT. But this was also connected with another experience, that a game which is ended, ended in such a complete way, does not have any space anymore. I need to create new space for new games. Besides the relief this is also a painful experience, but this is part of reality, too.
To sum it up, the view from an Operating Thetan point of view has become much stronger, to create things causatively and to be responsible for what happens to me. The obsessive effect positions have more and more resolved. As already mentioned along with it came a certain need to create, because there were no longer old mechanisms on which you could rest so well. I was cross with it until I really understood that circumstance. The consumer-like pc attitude, wins, peace and flowers, so to say “one shot clear”, does no longer work. Barriers removed now mean a need to use the potential thus freed, otherwise it does not feel right at all. Thus, the “procrastination time” is over.
Another aspect was the precise removing of attention on old games and lifetimes. With it very familiar aberrations and very ancient PTS conditions disappeared, whose effects I partially hadn’t even noticed. Here again there was such a complete erasure that first of all a vacuum came about, and only step by step I begin to deal with it in a successful way. Those SPs on the track really meant it seriously, good thing that their game comes to an end now.
To sum it up, I realize now that I couldn’t do anything better than the Ls – what I always had known – and exactly now. In that way I could remove a strange perception that I am on too steep a gradient, bridgewise, although I had completed all the levels correctly, no doubt. Now everything is much simpler and without constraints.
Otfried directed me though this obstacle race super-professionally, and I can only recommend it to everybody to examine the background of the Ls, it is worthwhile. And most important, in the environment of Ron’s Org they can be digested in the most optimum way. Thanks again to Ron, Otfried and the Ron’s Org team.

Today I have completed L11
And it really is a new life. The goal is very clear and as well that I will achieve it.
There is a lot to do. – I am aware of that. But I know that I can do it and will bring about the desired result.
Ron has prepared it in a really fantastical way. This tech is truly admirable!
And I am thankful that now there is somebody in Ron’s Org who can deliver it and does so.
So, many thanks!
It is, was, very worthwhile. – And it has a lot to do with the eternity ahead of us.

Today I did complete the L10 in RONS ORG Frankfurt.
I did the L10 because my C/S and auditor recommended that rundown to me.
Before doing it, I did not realize what exactly is run on that rundown. However I had heard a lot about the L Rundowns and so I was very excited about what was waiting for me.
After the first sessions and after the first, big wins which I had on L10 I found a new name for this rundown. For me it was clear: “L” is short for lifesaver-rundown. When I was asked how it is going on my L10, I could only answer: “Incredible and indescribable”.
It was not foreseeable for me which aspects of my life would come up and get handled during this auditing. Before, I hadn’t been aware of the fact that there was still something to tidy up in certain areas of my life. But exactly those things came up which made me withhold in life. In session, downright explosions and shocks were effected in my universe. My auditor however lead me through the auditing safely and got me through all difficulties that surfaced so that at the end of every session, I came out with more certainty.
For me this step was one of the best actions which I ever had the privilege to do in Scientology. For me it became pretty clear, too, that my auditor Otfried belongs to the best auditors on this planet. Where else but in Ron’s Org do you have an auditor who himself is on the highest OT levels, belongs to the best trained auditors and who has decades of experience as an auditor and C/S.
We of the RONS ORG can really feel lucky that we are taken care of by such excellent staff. There are not many other places on this planet where you can soar up the bridge as well and as quickly as in a RONS ORG.

Success Story L Rundown – New Life Rundown
Today, I completed L11. As I suppose many people do not know about this step, I want to say a few words about it.
L11 is a step that is also called “New Life Rundown”. This Rundown consists mainly in finding and handling individual hassle.
On the bridge, I have so far handled a lot of stuff like communication troubles, problems, upsets about changes and service facsimiles – just what to expect from Grades 0-IV and NED.
However, after handling the bank and attesting clear, a lot of stuff which affected me in a negative way remained. These chunks, consisting of old postulates, fixed ideas, valences, false data and falsehoods seem to me not less aberrative and not causing less pain and distress than the timeless masses and identifications with which I had to deal in the reactive mind!
The Tech. Dict. tells us that „L11 is also called New Life Rundown as it gives to an individual a new life in truth”. And exactly this has happened. This rundown encouraged me to create truth. I created truth and data which can be processed by my mind to create logical conclusions. I questioned, analysed and sorted out data. I dug out old intentions, looked at them and made them disappear from my mind. The same thing I did with observations, obsessions and valences. I realized how my mind works, how I created counter-intentions against myself or my intentions. I got back cause over my mind – a capability which seemed to have gotten lost during my life. But the best of all – not the rundown did it for me – I did it myself!
The rundown is a mighty tool, consisting of the auditor and the process, and they helped me in an enormous way to focus my point of view on falsehoods and untruths of life, but now I finally know how to drive my mind and how to think on my own, and that I may decide myself.

Operating Thetan Life Repair

Today I attested finishing my Operating Thetan LR. When starting the Operating Thetan LR I didn`t feel there was more to be handled. While on the level I found out & learnt that there were more things to be handled. Thanks to my studies and having the knowledge I could handle everything that came up in session. Now I feel after having experienced my wins I have cleared my space enormously and feel ready fort he next step(s). Last but not least: Otfried thanks for being my CS and guiding me through this level.
ARC J.v.d.D

I thought Operating Thetan Liferepair was a short and small action. But it turned out for me that it was not a short step, and in no way a small meaningless action.
As I thought it was rather a short action I took my time and took it easy with my solo auditing. That was a good idea as I had a lot of time between sessions to get a lot of cognitions. Some of these cognitions had quite a big effect regarding my spiritual progress. But what was most astonishing was that charges and considerations from my childhood were resolved that I was not even aware of before.
After the completion of Operating Thetan Liferepair more cognitions occurred. The last one made me able to as-is all of the PTSness machinery that suppressed me all my life long. That machinery was during all of my life right in front of my nose. But before I was not able to perceive this thing consciously. The result is that I achieved a state of deep peace, satisfaction, certainty and stability.
Thank you, RO Frankfurt, that you are there for all of us.

Phoenix (Operating Thetan 9-11)

I find that as I go through the levels, they each have a different aspect to life. After completing this one, Phoenix, I’m finding that I really enjoy being in the middle of all this universe and what it is made up of – it seems fresh and playful. I won’t say that things fall into place automatically, but with a certain ease and joy. Everything calls outs. Each piece of life, theta, has a message, a purpose. I have become aware of that. A simple acknowledgment to these achieves wonders and feels really good! In fact I also become aware of originations in pt from people and places I had long ago forgotten about. Now these factors are again in my universe and many things seem to open up. In fact some cycles almost complete themselves in very satisfactory manners.
I look forward to moving through the next level with much interest – what will happen, what other amazing things will enter my life?
Much Love, C.N.

Today I attested Phoenix and am very happy about it. It is a level that really is fun.
I had an incredible number of cognitions and my perceptions have improved formidably. Actually my certainty on the perceptions has changed. Where I was in doubt about the perception earlier it is certainty today. An incredible change.
Another great experience is how postulates come true. It happens in an unexpected speed. Simply great.
Thanks to all that helped me achieving these wins.

After having completed the Excal levels there was a kind of suction to go on with the bridge as fast as possible, but at the same time my life began to become more and more complex. More and more stops, delays etc. occurred. So I increased the frequency of my sessions and the counter-intentions increased proportionally, until a situation turned up at the end of the level that threatened to ruin my existence. All the stops combined became very menacing, and it seemed that this could not be handled, in the same way as it happened 17 years ago. Obviously this was the test whether I was able to hold my position or not. A huge amount of hectic activity which even increased at first sight because I had agreed to participate in an Operating Thetan project in Gran Canaria. I left home in the last minute although all physical, that is to say mechanical conditions were to the contrary. From that point on, together with the following auditing to confront the suppression which had been built up, all of the situations dissolved nearly into nothing. So there was no remake of the SP rallye 17 years ago. This time I had the tech and competent support available to overcome the threat. For me this is the make and break point of this lifetime, and probably of future developments as well.
During the level itself my perception of space has changed a lot, now I am causative in my universe. Apart from that I had a lot of cognitions, especially regarding conditions, there were very causative aspects with regards to that.
So all in all this is not a hobby level. If there was a title for Phoenix (like Dr. Phoenix e.g. – joke) I would have no problem to accept it – I think I would have earned it.
But above all the professional supporters Otfried, Erica, Max, Ulli, Beate who played a decisive role. Last not least my wife who also got a good share of suppression but has recovered in the meantime.
Finally I am absolutely certain that I am exactly at the point I was supposed to reach. All the vagaries of the last 30-40 years were worth it.

Operating Thetan 12

Do you know what thetans do when they run into something they don’t understand?
They find a solution! What kind of solution? Preferably a complex solution…
Does it work? – Yes, most of the time. Sometimes the solution to „A“ gets in the way of doing „B“. Of course, there’s a solution for „B“ as well; but it doesn’t work in case of „A“. So, you let factor „Z“ switch between solution „B1“ and „B2“, depending on „A“.
Sounds confusing? – That’s easily solved! Make your solutions automatic. Ah, yes: and forget that you ever made them…
This level has brought me closer to my simple self.
It’s good to have the Tech.
It’s good to be able to apply it.
Thanks everyone who supports this Org!
Thank you Ron for the Tech!

This level has had quite a strong positive effect on my life. As I went through the level I found that my interests and expectations were changing – I developed the view point that I can achieve what ever I want to achieve, myself, with out any tricks or vias. I can do it. I found that there is a level above „making things go right“, Efforting, through to „things being right! Being. On this level I re-found the playground – and it is full of things just waiting and wanting to play!! My personal feeling of well being has improved – I know I can do and handle whatever come before me! My levels of ARC and KRC seem to have jumped up the scale too! There is such a full future for me, for you and for all. I have recovered my future!

Story Pre-Static Life Repair

PreStatic Life Repair is a relatively short Rundown – but with amazing effects. Previously I have had so many things I wanted to do – and had a whole lifetime to do them… then time started to run out, I felt as though I had to work furiously all day, every day and night and evening to get it done! Now I find my self just relaxed and looking at what I want to do – I have all time – I am time and my universe too! Today I found myself waiting for a colleague – I just waited, pleasantly enjoying all that was going on around me – I was just so interested in it, a petrol station. I felt so interested in all the people there. I was just happy to feel their presence and flows and thoughts and emotions. My colleague and then we proceeded onward to our destination. Though when we arrived we found the meeting was cancelled – No Problem – I found loads of other things that simply captivated me – from the blue sky peeping through the clouds, the smiling and concentrated faces in other cars through to working on a really interesting computer problem all afternoon and evening – far beyond office hours… I have a curious feeling around me – as if I’m in love with the universe and all it’s inhabitants – yes, it’s definitely a feeling of being in love!! :0)

Operating Thetan 13

At the start I thought, so simple – so straight forward; what will result from this??
Well… I am here. Not elsewhere. It is not that this is being in present time more. There is simply more of more me here to look with. It’s more to Be, more to Do and more to Have. As I walk around, I keep thinking to myself – Oh! How about that! That’s new! It’s almost as if I never have never experienced some things before. It is as if part of me has never see this place before. :0)
I find it best to actually decide what I want. Otherwise I end up with a mish-mash of half wanted-half not actually wanted things… Every thing works out – so I find I should actually know what I want because – one should, Be Cause – Then you’ll get what you actually want now.
much love and thanks to all,

PS Oh, wow, look – see how the sky is pink and fades up into blue – my god, smell that smoke and food cooking from the neighbours :0))

C/O Cycle-Rundown

This is a great rundown which made my body into a friend.
I have learnt to communicate with it. I thought before I did communicate with it, however a few aspects were missing or inhibited things. Now all of that has been cleaned up and is perfect, and so an utterly new communication has been brought about.
A completely new body feeling has come about. It is incredible how the body changed throughout the auditing. It is such a fascinating rundown that moves so many things that it is nearly magic.

Many dear thanks to Otfried my C/S who was, like always, a professional companion. Also thanks to all the others in Ron’s Org Frankfurt who made it possible and of course a heart-felt thank you to Ron.

Success Story Operating Thetan 14 – 15 – 16 and Super Static RD

Now I have completed walking a path and reached what you best could call “milestone”.
These levels were very exciting for me. There was so much I discovered about what had happened that every author of detective stories would have become pale. I always was feverishly looking forward to the next session, curious what I was going to find out in terms of unbelievable data. I had the feeling that I really was “moving” something. This “moving” included me, too. Something fundamental changed: I have achieved an infinite inner peace. The searching – for whatever – stopped. I have arrived where I always wanted to be: at myself.
It feels so very good. A condition that cannot really be described. Suddenly everything is so resolved and everything has a lightness. The considerations have changed; even the viewpoint itself has changed. I never would have thought that this was possible if you had told me before. But it is like always: You cannot substitute making your own experiences. I am glad and happy that I could make those.
Thanks a lot to Ron’s Org Frankfurt, especially thanks to my C/S Otfried for the very competent accompaniment. Thanks to Captain Bill who has worked out these levels for us all and thanks to Ron who laid the foundations for these levels. They are existent, they work – but everybody has to walk them themselves. This is my biggest wish: May many make these wonderful experiences.
Much love, L.S.

Well, I have finally made it. That was really a “never-ending” cycle to get rid of this case, and it was the last step. Next year it will be 40 years that I have started with Scio to handle this ominous case, in other words to get all the accumulated effect of the time track out of my universe. Some of the auditing actions were quite nice, others were sort of “in the coal mine”, but the special programs of the last 2 years were really biting, and unfortunately sometimes not only me. There was no corner at all that remained unilluminated. Time and again I am in awe about the file-clerk function of a theta being that – handled correctly – always will hand out what is available, as is taught already by the good old Dianetics book.
I am not a sissy, I have survived decades with uncountable wrong indications, but the subjects of the last few years really made my hair flutter. This is also true for certain abilities that have become unchained and adds to my life. Great are the things that seem to be negative but when you find out the right why, they turn out e.g. as ingenious perceptions, only that I had put them in a completely wrong category.
A major problem were heaps of valences which were constructed so diabolically clever that I had to gnaw at them for a long time. The 3 Ls were very helpful in this. But in the end the bad boys and girls from the timetrack actually didn’t play a big role any longer. There was me and myself and my clever solutions from the time track in the boxing ring. And I really was my best enemy. It was fantastic to blow the point to have a necessary reason for continuous self-invalidation. Inside a manipulated universe such an idiotic behaviour can make sense… but not any longer.
I could reactivate a lot of creative aspects, especially in photography and playing the guitar. I have today, with my old bones, a light-fingeredness for which I had given the little finger of my right hand when I was young (but not more). And of course a completely different understanding of harmonies and of knowledge as such. Real understanding of Tone 40 and many aspects of past, present and future.
Not the least thing is that I am now able to handle a very old past condition which again and again caused PTSness. I could complete old missions, cycles, ARC breaks in other areas, too, and have a complete understanding of why there is such an infinitely long time track and why I have created it so. In the end the complexitiy of these quantities of significances was reduced to zero. It is absolutely clear where I come from, why I am and where I want to go. But I didn’t’ give up before either, and I did not say, “well, the usual reality obviously is a different one and I have to conform to it.” Other than in the Church in Ron’s Org I was granted the beingness to go through my realities and get them to a point where everything blew.
And especially for this point I want to thank my C/S Otfried, strong in duplication and resourceful, and of course Erica and Uli and Julia who backed up my motivation.

Success Story Operatin Thetan 16

It has been a little while since I completed OT16. In the intervening interval I have had time to look at a number of things. I find that my response to any event is my response. Previously I would pick up and feel how an event effected various people and their feelings would somehow colour my viewpoint. Now, although I get their feelings, I can see it is their response to the universe we live in. I am able to operate without that effect from others. There have been some situations arising in my life this year that I think may have struck me down previously, but now I can just see it for what it is. I may 🙂 have caused it by my decisions, indecisions, agreements, etc, but I, my life, goes on come what may. I’m experiencing effects I create, to be experienced! How can I lose! I do have more to learn and discover – but from this point on I am quite sure of my existence and viewpoint on all I come across.
I may be peering between the clouds at the blue sky beyond and around them – but oh, what splendid clouds I can make too!! Now I know it. Onward forever! Thanks!
Much love, C.N.

Success story after session

Dear Ron’s Org people!

After my session yesterday my affinity increased by the factor

times X²


to RON and his auditors.

Thanks Otfried, Ulli …


  1. Courses for advanced students

Success Story (about studying at Ron’s Org)

Data Evaluator Course

Improving Conditions in Life

Study Tech Course

Hard TRs

Games Course

Mini Course Supervisor Course

Class 4 Graduate C/S Course


Basic Admin Course

SHSBC Level V u. VI


Success Story about studying at Ron’s Org

I want you to know that I really like to study and receive auditing at Ron’s Org (Freezone). It feels like having fun again. At the Church I never liked to go for study (nor for auditing) although I was (and still am) very interested in LRH technology. And now I like it again. Thank you for giving me my good feelings and studying back.

Study Tech Course

After 1 ½ years today I have completed the “Study Tech Course”. All the time it was rather a necessary “evil” on the way to further courses.
Sometimes I could admit that I found one information or the other useful. But did it really have so verbose and circuitous?
I did not realize that e.g. all this “unnecessary time-consuming” word clearing (of course! I knew what all the words mean) became a habit. That is, to automatically clear those words which are not clear.
This together with the data I have acquired makes it possible for me today to learn everything – and easily and with fun. I can read again.
And I believe this means even much more than I realize today. I am looking forward!
Thank you, T.B.

I am very happy that I have attested the completion of the Study Tech Course today.
I am very happy and satisfied about having certainty and confidence regarding studying any subject or area of knowledge so that I know when I just keep going, with Ron’s study technology I will be able to achieve for me or others a lot of knowledge, application, ability and order in any subject entered in upon.
I am also very happy and glad that I can help any other eager person who is studying a subject and wants to improve their study technology – who is working maybe just at the Study Tech Course or some other course the knowledge and ability of which I have achieved – by applying the study technology to overcome their study difficulties.
About this I am very happy and proud – and not less thankful to all people of this org and in this org who helped me and others achieving such a great result.
I can just say: Thanks for the great dedication! And go on KSW!
Much love, I. K.

Mini Course Supervisor Course

Today I am very glad to have completed the MCSC! If someone had told me one or two years ago that I was going to do it and would make the grade, I nearly wouldn’t have believed him. But this is just the beginning, because now I am to supervise a courseroom “for real”.
I am sure I will have the opportunity to hold this post here in Frankfurt frequently and my goal is to do the same in my home town, Stuttgart.
What makes me enthusiastic about the subject is that it is a third dynamic task and responsibility – after all, us Scientologists want to take care of the technology of LRH and make it available to each individual who wants to find out more about himself, life, relations to others, the things of life and of the physical world, what is true or untrue for him, to work it out and improve it, or to work at a given area like communication, study, auditing and to achieve more skills in it. A course in Scientology is fruitful for many areas of life!
It is beautiful to be able to contribute to this directly as a course supervisor. A comfortable potential and feeling.
Thanks to all supervisors and Scientologists who help me so eagerly in my training!

Basic Admin Course

This course has brought together a lot of loose ends that I had floating around in my head to do with “Admin”.
I feel much more confident in applying 3rd dynamic tech and seeing in which place and situation to apply which piece of admin tech. Studying this data now in a new unit of time has also helped me see where I went a little astray in some years gone by.

My job-related condition before starting the course:
I often asked myself, why I am not so successful, had a lot of trouble and worried a lot about my work. Sometimes it was a liability. I was chaotic. The atmosphere at work at times was very worrisome. I liked my work, but it was exhausting.
My job-related condition after completing the course:
I know my abilities and what they are worth. Work isn’t exhausting any more (only sometimes). I can sleep well. In my spare time I don’t worry about my job. Administration doesn’t exhaust me, but it makes work easier. I recognize problems and find workable solutions.
My colleagues like to work with me and give me respect and appreciate my ideas. The atmosphere at work has become much better. I have a sense for problems concerning administration, which is in my opinion even more advanced than that of my seniors. I develop my ability to foresee coming trouble.
Life is easier now.
I’d like to thank Ron’s Org for the fantastic education.

Data Evaluator Course

Hooray, today I completed the Data Evaluator Course. This really is a very valuable course which I can recommend to everybody.
Already during the course outpoints in my job environment came to my view more and more easily, and of those that had to do with my immediate post I handled most.
My point of view changed into the direction of a data evaluator more and more. Yes, that is what I want to be: A real data evaluator. That was my goal when I first heard about this course.
And today, after having had to do an evaluation for three times in a row after having been flunked, I finally got it (how good there is such a thing as a flunk J ). Now I am a real data evaluator.
Many thanks to all course supervisors that helped.

Hard TRs

Mainz + + + TR 0 in
Last week I did the Hard TRs in Les Verrières. They are hard but they are good, and they are so good that it is close to impossible to describe the wins you have with the existent vocabulary and thus it automatically leads to understating them. Everybody should have done them or quickly do them. For me the Hard TRs were the most impressive experience I had on the bridge up to now. The name “hard TRs” might deter somebody or other, but it is at least honest. You really go through hell and then you get remunerated so massively that you will remember the “terrible hours on the chair” (insider jargon) with joy. The first “sessions” went straight into the buttocks and are what is mostly the reason for calling it “hard”. The wildest things were switched on, one saw the most bizarre pictures, had the weirdest concepts and got fully aware of the surface of posterior. Though you were “there”, it was not comfortable. However I do not want to report on the not so nice part of the TRs but on the end product. And there were so many wins during the TRs that I do not know at all where to start – I try to list them:

  • greatly improved communication in all areas and on all dynamics (tested and found as being formidable)
  • much improved ability to confront (also been tested several times 😉 )
  • all attention can be focused on one point or thing
  • more willingness to inflow
  • huge key-out (although I did not even know I was keyed-in 😉 )
  • many misunderstoods resolved and became clear, understandable data
  • increases self-confidence
  • a great time in a great group with super supervisors
  • a phantastic feeling that defies any attempt to describe it etc. etc.

These are gains and cognitions which I try to describe more or less, but it is not all by far. There was and is so much more. Do them yourselves and you will experience it and definitely not regret it. LRH says “The world begins with TR 0”. I can subscribe to that and fully agree.
Hard, ut goooood.
Mainz + + + TR 0 in
Much love, M.W.

It is a strange feeling to take for granted to be able to sit motionless for 2 hours without pain, while still remembering all too well the experience of pain in my bottom and shoulders and to be in the conviction that it is impossible to do the drill without pain.
’ve found this drill to be very valuable in practice: for example in a business meeting where I received criticism, I was able to handle it with ease.

“The world begins with TR 0”

This is not just a nice motto, as I just realized. In my opinion, Hard TRs were rather a “waste of time”. Simply sitting around – what good is that? I could never believe others when they told about their successes on Hard TRs.

Yesterday my world actually began…

I passed my Hard TRs and can only say, “Wow!”

I never would have thought it possible how good this can feel. Now I can feel a balance inside myself, an unknown power, I can simply fill my space, can assist others, whatever comes up in them. I have achieved something for myself which I did not expect – especially not outside of auditing. I can indeed “look into the world” and comfortably at that. I am willing to confront everything and can actually have it in my space and be causative regarding it. Each of the “little hells” I had to go through has advanced me by one experience, and looking back I wouldn’t miss any of these no matter how tough it was. The reward you get is indeed incredible.

You could actually become addicted to it – but I can confront it now, too! 😉

Thanks a lot to my different twins which went through many ups and downs together with me so that finally I reached the peak of success at Les Verrières. And thanks to Melinda and Julia, too, for their great support and care.

Much ARC,


I completed TR 0 successfully in only 5 days. I went through all the range of emotions as well as various physical tensions. Often I doubted the sense of merely sitting there, of course the body goes tense, that was what I thought. From experience of many auditing sessions I knew that eventually every process comes to a good end. The same with TR 0. Toward the end everything became ligther. Emotions resolved into “nothing”. The body became free of discomfort. I simply sat there and perceived my partner in the space. Completely relaxed, without reactions. That’s all. That’s a lot.

Many thanks to my various twins, and to the team of Ron’s Org for carrying it through professionally.



Class 4 Graduate C/S Course

There are many things in Scientology which I had to look up during my training on lower levels again and again, and then I knew in principle what they were, but somehow it was rather Greek to me, for example this out/int and all the other things which belong under the heading of repair.
And all the knowledge which you need to write down a proper program seemed to be infinitely large. Now that I completed this C/S course today and the „Greek“ has been translated so to say I can only say that once more my conviction has become more firm that this technology is pure gold. It is really a very good and safe feeling to know how to handle which situation in the best way. We all can profit very much from the experiences Max and Erica make in Russia, and I appreciate that very much, because in the final account practice shows the right way for things.
Thank you for the time and support by everybody in Ron’s Org Bern. A special thank to my twin Melinda because she could afford so much time notwithstanding her baby and pulled me forward at that.
Now the only task remaining is to apply what I have learnt as much and as correct as possible and pass it on.
Thankful and with love,

SHSBC Level V and VI

I have completed the longest course that exists. A great feeling to have studied virtually all the auditing technology in a chronological sequence and to have put all parts of it in relation to each other.
It is hard to estimate what these levels have meant for me, but I think I can say that besides the feeling of a formidable quantity which I have overcome there is also a feeling of having these things at hand. For all possible phenomena of a case which can emerge there are many answers which you as a C/S or auditor can give, and it seems nearly impossible to me that somebody cannot go up the Grades to Clear for technical reasons (I mean technical as opposed to ethical reasons).
My understanding of the technology has grown enormously and my admiration for this whole body of applicable knowledge has risen accordingly. Thanks, Ron – and hopefully many auditors in Ron’s Org will do this training step in the future!

Improving Conditions in Life

I finished the course “Improving Conditions in Life”. It started with a long and very interesting lecture by the same title, held by Bill Robertson. It is one of the best lectures I ever read. One of my personal favourites.
Now I know for sure that mankind is basically good, and that happiness and luck are truly reachable, available for everyone, and it is no voodoo.
I also can apply the newly acquired knowledge to help other people, to let them help themselves. I now understand why people feel sad, and I know how to improve my life by applying the knowledge of the course myself.
I feel much better, I am happier, and life is more fun. When I started the course I did not expect so much change to the positive in my life, but fortunately I tried.
I thank Ron’s Org for this. To me, you deliver the best products available.

Game Course

Today I completed the Games Course (“How to have a game instead of a case”). Hooray – not so much because of the completion but because of the abilities I have gained through this course.
I now can see clearly that there are two kinds of games: Those that I play and which I like to play. And those games which I play and actually would rather not play them.
Just to understand this and see solutions is very worthwhile in itself, and then all the other data etc. – it was very remunerating to do this course.

  1. Partner Courses

Partner Comm Course

Partner Program


Partner Comm Course

First of all I can tell you that all is going very well with us. We (W. and me) go through life straightforward and with clarity, have a lot of new impulses and good old and new contacts, we communicate with each other and with others in a reasonable and aware way and are interested in the people. I would never have deemed it possible that I could say all of that regarding my own person. Many things just align to our goals. And the matter for conflicts between the two of us have disappeared into thin air, no more taboo subjects, just pure love. And you have contributed a decisive share to this – many thanks.

Partner Program

Together with my husband I did the partner program and attested today.
It has become much easier to recognize situations within our 2nd dynamic, to put them into the right category and to handle them.
I have become more free, certain and knowledgeable to live and be the named dynamic.
A nice side-effect for me:
During the program it came about that I could and had to realize (probably due to the numerous tasks on the checksheet my husband Wolfgang and me had to work out together that brought a lot of admin with them):
Wow! Administration really is a dynamic! Suddenly I could see how this part works, also due to the fact that at the same time I began –for different reasons – to apply admin more strictly regarding certain artistic concepts, and by that I am now more able to materialize than some time ago, and in a more ideal way.
A dream!
Thanks to my husband and to Ron’s Org.

Dear friends,
Today I write my first success story in Ron’s Org Frankfurt/Rendel. Did the “marriage course” together with my wife. Until now drove “without marriage driving license”, with smaller and larger deviations from the straight course, sometimes, unfortunately, also in reverse gear. With the help of this course (effectively put together by Otfried) and with the perfect help of all the responsible persons in Ron’s Org we have come through. Some little dents inclusive which were however immediately repaired. Old goals have been revitalized by it and we got impulses for new projects.
To all couples: don’t miss these synergetic effects. More marriage horse power without environmental drawbacks, quite the opposite. Who would not want that? Joke: Should this course not become obligatory for married couples, clear on the 2nd dynamic or something like that? Thanks a lot and see you next time. Very very well done.

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