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Ron‘s Org Frankfurt self description

On the one hand, Ron’s Org Frankfurt e.V. emphasizes that it is different from the Church of Scientology – but on the other hand we state that we occupy ourselves with the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. What is this all about?

Our goal

Between 1950 and 1980, L. Ron Hubbard developed a philosophical system of self-recognition which in the widest sense is based on Buddhism. The goal of these teachings, which became known as “Scientology” (the word meaning “knowing how to know”), is to make the individual able to find out more about himself and the mechanisms of life which he or she is subjected to. Eventually the application of Scientology is meant to help the individual to acquire more freedom. This is achieved by individual work which is leading towards cognitions about the pattern of life (the so-called auditing) as well as by the person studying the textbooks of Scientology. In this sense we see Scientology as an applied philosophy which has a religious or spiritual aspect. It can be compared to different schools of Buddhism and other religions where individual exercises (e.g. meditation) combined with the studying of scriptures are expected to lead the person to a higher goal.
The goal of Ron’s Org Frankfurt includes making these teachings available to the individual and the public, in freedom without duress, and making the aspiration for philosophical realization a common matter. From the viewpoint of Scientology it is desirable that the individual can lead his or her life in a self-determined way and at the same time be in a harmonious relationship with others and the community. Sectarianism and segregation of one’s group from society, even alienation of family members as can be observed in the Church of Scientology, is not approved of by Ron’s Org Frankfurt.

Differentiation from the Church of Scientology

In our opinion, the original idea was perverted within the Church of Scientology. The techniques, helpful to the individual in themselves, were offered at higher and higher prices, and the members often were ready to pay for them because they were convinced of their effectiveness. The members were caught in the dilemma that they didn’t agree anymore with many practices but wanted to follow their personally chosen spiritual path further. On top of that, various methods were used to create dependencies and involve the members in a closed system. Quite a few persons came close to or eventually ended in bankruptcy.
Additionally the scriptures of L.Ron Hubbard were “interpreted” and changed subtly in many places, mostly with a tendency to justify a greater control over the individual and even his subordination to the organization up to a point of brain-washing. This fact was most positively proven when we and others evaluated revisions and new editions of books and other texts released by the Church of Scientology from the late 1970s onwards by means of textual criticism. At the same time the Church of Scientology and is suborganisations vigorously tried to suppress every effort to study and teach Scientology outside the Church of Scientology – of course also motivated by the wish to stop members from turning to an alternative group and thus weakening the power and the finances of the Church of Scientology.

Our attitude towards the Church of Scientology, towards people who want to leave it and towards the public at large

All of that has damaged the public repute of Scientology enormously. Our purpose is it to get this straightened out and to bring about a differentiation between the organisation “Church of Scientology” and its practices on the one hand, and the actual philosophy and Weltanschauung (world view) on the other hand. We help numerous “drop-outs” to find their way out of the “Church of Scientology” and want to offer the possibility to interested persons to study Scientology without entering a maze of dependencies and financial pressure.
It is no surprise that our group and cooperating groups in other cities have since their formation constantly been hit by animosities of the Church of Scientology, including personal threats, lawsuits, attempts to infiltrate agents provocateurs, etc. Obviously the Church of Scientology sees us as enemies, for our work of making information about Scientology public is a threat to them. It contains the danger that the carefully created dependency of their members is rendered null by enlightening them and showing them an alternative. These attacks were another reason for us to form an association and apply for the status of a non-profit organization to get a stable legal framework, as we don’t have to hide anything and are open for discussion with the public at other religious and philosophical groups.
Also we want to emphasize another difference. We are not at all hostile towards the state and its institutions. We are not striving to “infiltrate” or “take over” any activity or some state agency.
Our goal is not a political one, but we are working towards the enlightenment and the spirituality of the individual. In this we can be compared with many churches, free churches, and philosophical groups which all gained the status of Religious communities or non-profit organizations.
We also try to stay in contact with other social and religious groups. This means groups in other cities and countries which deal with the subject of Scientology outside the Church of Scientology as well as those who have nothing to do with Scientology, e.g. anthroposophical and buddhistic groups or associations who run educational insititutions. These contacts focus on an informal exchange of ideas and try to increase the mutual understanding of spiritual, intellectual and religious subjects. Ron’s Org Frankfurt sees itself as a tolerant group which wants to enhance tolerance and peace between different religious and ideological systems.

Our activities

Our activies regarding the general public include the publishing of informational material and this internet site as well as answering questions which reach us through the internet and, last but not least, introductory talks and lectures for interested persons.
For those who want to learn more about Scientology and its philosophical content we give seminars. This sort of seminar is aimed at getting the participants to examine how philosophical realizations are connected with everyday life, and how individuals as well as groups can gain from carrying theoretical cognitions into practice.
We stress the idea that nobody is enforced to think certain ways but that everybody who studies the subject should be encouraged to come to his own conclusions and to decide for himself what is true for him, and what his personal use is for the statements which are presented to him. This shows clearly that one of the main purposes of Scientology as it is understood by Ron’s Org Frankfurt is to help the individual to achieve more freedom through philosophical and personal realization and thus independence from authorities – and not to create commitment and a subjection to the agent who conveyed the data.
Of course we also offer information to people who want to leave or have left the Church of Scientology. These persons can get at data which in the Church of Scientology is withheld from members, e.g. about its internal developments since the 1980s.
Finally, we have a broad-scale array of courses for persons who want to study Scientology in depth, for example those who want to get trained as an auditor.
You can find a neutral view about the so-called „Free Zone“, i.e. the Scientology movement outside the Church of Scientology of which Ron’s Org Frankfurt is a part, on the homepage of the “Evangelische Informationsstelle Zürich” (only in German language). This well-written essay is detailed and gives an external viewpoint on the subject.

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