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Clarification of the concepts “Free Zone“ and “Ron’s Org”

To help resolving the confusions that have built up around the definitions of the words „Free Zone“, we want to state the following:

The term „Free Zone“ was originally introduced by Captain Bill Robertson to mean the independent delivery of Scientology outside the Church of Scientology. (Actually the term as well as the concept stems from L.Ron Hubbard himself. If you want to know more about that fact, you can read about it in the article Explanation for ex-members of the church of Scientology.)

Soon after that he founded the „Ron’s Org“ in 1984. For many years within the Ron’s Org the terms were used more or less equal. But already in the early 80s there was a broad field developping of many other groups or practices, part of which were more or less delivering standard tech, but most of them doing altered versions of Scientology up to practices where only an insider could trace some parts of them back to LRH’s tech.

Today when the term „Free Zone“ is meant, it often is used in the broader sense of covering all those practices and groups which deliver therapies and training to help individuals overcoming mental barriers and improving abilities and which are to a greter or lesser degree based upon Scientology Technology. In a narrower sense some use the word to mean only groups that deliver Standard Tech outside the Church of Scientology.

For establishment a better transparency and to give a help to persons searching for a place to get the bridge, the Ron’s Orgs founded the Ron’s Org Committee. On the pages of the Committee you find a clear definition of the name „Ron’s Org“. Now for everybody it can be cleared what exactly is a Ron’s Org and what somebody can expect when he goes to one.

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