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Explanations for ex-members of the church of Scientology

Since you have found our website, it is probable that one of the following statements is true:

  • A long time ago you left the Church of Scientology, but you never abandoned your wish to do The Bridge and get free – and you are now actively looking for alternatives.
  • A short while ago you left the CofS more or less voluntarily, because you found the contradictions between LRH’s tech – as written – and its practical application in the Church of Scientology couldn’t be resolved – or maybe because you were not satisfied with the answers you were given (or not given).
  • You are still on lines with the Church of Scientology, but, because of your disagreements, because of out-tech or out-admin which you couldn’t reconcile, or because of injustices or false handlings of your personal case you find yourself in doubt as to whether you can really achieve the goals you had when you started out in Scientology.

Whatever case applies to you, you have taken an important step toward self-determinism by arriving here – which is why we want to congratulate you.

As we see it you have stopped succumbing to unwarranted prohibitions. You no longer allow your communication lines and your ARC to be cut – we think you want to inform yourself and form your own opinions about Scientology outside the Church. Questions such as „Are they all squirrels?“ or „Are they illegal and SPs?“ and „Is there at all a way to do Scientology professionally without acting illegally?“ you may desire to resolve.

To assist you to inform yourself of what our view of Scientology is, we want to give you some data you may not have:

Can I do my Bridge at Ron’s Org?

Yes, you can. We deliver the whole of The Bridge – from the bottom (life repair, detoxification program etc) to the very top of The Bridge – i.e. through the Levels of Operating Thetan 3 and 8 up to 48. In this and other Ron’s Orgs you can find highly qualified auditors and case supervisors that have been successfully delivering Standard Tech and real results for years and in many cases even decades.

How about Standard Tech?

We stick to LRH Tech until around the years 1978/80 because we believe it is a fact that technical alterations or issues after that time do not stem from LRH.

In a number of cases one can very exactly trace how alterations were purposefully made to render the tech unworkable. Even some of the Operating Thetan levels were changed, in some cases dramatically. This is a subject of its own – quite a broad one. If you have some auditor’s training or other good basic technical knowledge and are interested in this subject, we recommend the page dritte Jahrtausend.

We are serious about the subject of Standard Tech and we can confidently advise you that you will find it in only a few places other than Ron’s Orgs – and certainly not in the Church of Scientology.

Regarding the levels above Clear we trust in the Bridge as developed by Ron up to the point to which he completed his development, i.e. until Operating Thetan Section 3 (as well as the original levels Operating Thetan 4 to 7 as they were delivered in the 70s, as well as the L Rundowns).

Above that we deliver the levels given by Captain Bill Robertson, who in his time was not only 2 nd Deputy Commodore of the Sea Org and a trusted friend of LRH, but also a highly trained Case Supervisor and then completed the work of Ron regarding the higher Operating Thetan levels.

However we do not want to force anyone to trust things blindly.

Our advice is: Do the Bridge until Operating Thetan Section 3 and then take a look and decide whether the “Ron’s Org Bridge” is a reasonable continuation of the tech based on LRH’s fundamentals – and which exactly covers the case aspects which are “waiting to be handled” at that point. Many have done this with great satisfaction and security.

What are the prices charged in Ron’s Orgs?

They are very moderate and affordable. For example for auditing you can expect – depending on training level of the auditor and audited level – prices between 500 and 1500 Euro per 12 ½ hour intensive. The price for Grade auditing with a professional Class IV auditor is approximately in the middle of this range. The course prices are also highly affordable. Even for the Advanced Level Courses and Operating Thetan Levels prices are well within a moderate budget.

Is it legal to do Scientology outside the church?

Of course. If you were told otherwise, it is a lie. We deliver courses on the basis of original LRH materials and principles. And to read materials and to give a session to somebody, you do not – fortunately – require anybody’s permission.

What is the Ron’s Org position about confidential materials?

From the Church of Scientology you probably know that there are materials in Scientology that are classified as confidential. Generally said these are the data from Power on upwards, especially the Operating Thetan levels. The reason why is that these cover layers of as person’s case that are only available for auditing when all preceding levels have been done thoroughly. If a person gets involved with them before that moment these areas are addressed and thus restimulated, but they cannot be handled. This can have various consequences for the person:

  • Nothing happens because the data remains unreal for the person; however it might have the consequence that the person does no longer want to have anything to do with the matter. Many even quit the Bridge.
  • The person might be overwhelmed by the significance and the charge and feel mentally miserable – there have been incidents where this was drastically so, including serious and long-lasting cave-ins.
  • The person wants to get onto that level as soon as possible to handle those contents in auditing. But this does not work as the previous levels, not yet done, prevent those charges to be effectively audited. So the auditing gets harder and thus more outdrawn and more costly because the lower levels have to be audited across the upper levels which have been woken up so to speak.

LRH thus ordered these materials to be handled confidentially and to be made available to a person only level by level, after he or she has completed the levels before. We fully agree with this policy.

It is a question of Ethics and in your own interest that you follow it.

As per our experience with all such cases, know-best or curiosity have not helped the violator further in the final account. Besides, many of the versions of confidential materials to be found in the internet are incomplete or even altered, and even if one rummages about in the correct version (without knowing this for sure) this will hardly substitute for a standard course in a course room.

So if you are lead into temptation by some circumstances, remember this: you will have the greatest benefit from these data if you study them at the right place on your bridge, by a proper checksheet and under competent supervision!

What would LRH say about it?

Actually the idea of the Free Zone was originated by himself. Here is a quote from a report which was given on the American Freezone Convention in Pasadena 2009 by an oldtimer who got this directly from Ernie Martin, a confidant of LRH and friend of Captain Bill:

“The story of the name Free Zone -– I spoke to Ernie Martin about it, and he said that in 1973 Ron had called him aside and told him that things were getting tough, and if they were ever to have any problem they should start a Free Zone of Scientology, and apparently then Bill Robertson was told the same thing. And they took that on a mission, and that’s why Captain Bill used the term „Free Zone“ when he was first… he was the first one to really use the term the way you are using it here.”

(Question from the audience:) “So, the „Free Zone“ was actually originated by LRH?”

“Yes, it was originated by LRH.”“

This of course is not the only reason that we are convinced that what we do in Ron’s Org is exactly in line with LRH’s intention.

Do I have to make up my mind between the Church and the Free Zone?

Yes – and probably you realise this. The Church of Scientology does not permit any contact by their members with the Free Zone, and in truth just reading this text alone could put you in danger of receiving severe ethics handlings. We know of cases of PTS declares, expulsions and even SP declares just for considering alternatives – and in most cases without fair justice procedures per LRH policy.

Be that as it may, we would also insist on your doing a correct doubt formula so you are clear in your own mind that you are taking the correct decision.

While it is true that, in principle, the Church of Scientology and the Ron’s Orgs nominally follow the same goals, the Church of Scientology nevertheless sees us as enemies that have to be fought. This is why this game can, unfortunately, only be played in this way at this time.

Thus we would like to ask you to inform yourself thoroughly about the Ron’s Org and the Free Zone, with the help of this website and others – many of which we have listed on our links page. Please also honestly inform yourself about the Church of Scientology – you may find there is lots of data which you didn’t know of before this (and which you never will get to know within the Church of Scientology)!

We suggest you open up your comm lines. If you have enough courage, take up communication with us (we welcome it) and ask all the questions you wish including those that have been unanswered (for too long a time).

You can read about some experiences of those who have made this step before on our sub page success stories of ex-members of the chrurch of Scientology.
Then you will able to make an informed decision. Only if you take responsibility for deciding upon the future of your Bridge can you be happy.

And – as LRH would say – „May you never be the same again“!

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