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  • 1 Name, Seat

The association’s name is „Ron’s Org Frankfurt“ and it shall be registered in the Association Roll. The seat of the association is Frankfurt am Main.

  • 2 Purpose

The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes as per the section „Purposes with prefered fiscal treatment“ of the „Abgabenordnung“. Purpose of the association is the information and education of its members and of the interested public in the subjects of philosophy and religion and their common grounds, specifically application and utilization of philosophical and religous aspects and teachings for a self-determined way of life of the individual and a social and peaceful living together.

The purpose is especially the analysis of and working with the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard and William B. Robertson with regards to philosophy and religion, as given in the supplement of these statutes.“

The association delineates itself clearly of the Church of Scientology and its official and inofficial sub-groups.

  • 3 Activities

For achieving its purposes the association can in particular organize public events, rent rooms, do research projects, organize seminars and other educational offers, issue and disseminate publications as well as collect a library of written works and other media and make it available to members and non-members. It supports members and non-members who want to learn about the teachings of L.Ron Hubbard and William B. Robertson and want to apply them.

The association is working on a non-profit basis; the activities of the association are not primarily directed towards self-supporting commercial purposes.

  • 4 Financial funds of the associationzielle

The funds of the association may only be spent on statutory purposes. The members don’t get financial support from the funds of the association. Reserves may be built.

No person may be favoured by expenditures or favours which are out of proportion which are foreign to the purpose of the association.

  • 5 Organs

The organs of the association are:

The Board, consisting of a chairman and a deputy.
The General Assembly.

  • 6 Board

In an out of court the association is represented by a member of the Board.

The Chairman and his Deputy are elected by the General Assembly out of their midst. The tenure of offics is 3 years. A member of the Board can be unelected prematurely only by vote of more than half of the members, if this vote is connected to the appointment of another person. In case of death or resignation of one board member the other board member is in charge of the association’s affairs and convenes an assembly of the members as soon as possible to fill in the vacant office.

  • 7 Membership

The association has regular members and supporting members.
The Board decides upon the admission of new members.
Supporting members are all members which are not regular members. They can participate in the events organized by the association as long as the capacities of personnel, space and time are sufficient.
Membership is terminated by:
the death of a member;
written statement of resignation, sent to a member of the Board;
in the case of supporting members by a decision of expulsion of the Board;
in the case of regular members by expulsion as per 5. below.
A regular member can be expelled if he or she is guilty of an act detrimental to the association in a relevant degree. The expulsion is decided upon by the General Assembly with a majority of 2/3 of the present members with a right to vote. The General Assembly can also decide that a regular member is demoted to be a supporting member by vote of a majority of 2/3.

  • 8 General Assembly

The General Assembly has to be convened by the Board at least once a year with a notice of 2 weeks by personal invitation, complete with the agenda proposed by the Board, in letter or e-mail form to the last known address/e-mail address of the members.
The Assembly constitutes a quorom if at least four regular members are present. Decisions are taking by majority vote of the present members.
The Assembly has particularly the following duties: 1. Election of the Board; 2. Reception of the yearly report of the Board and giving release of the Board; 3. Decision upon the membership fees; 4. Decision upon changes of the Statutes and upon disbanding the association.
Every member has a right to speak in the General Assembly. Only regular members have a right to vote.
The Assembly is lead by the Chairman or a member appionted by him. In the same way a secretary has to be appointed who signs the protocol notes together with one member of the Board.

  • 9 Membership fees

The association can raise fees from its members. They can be established by the General Assembly in the form of By-laws of Fees.werden.

  • 10 Disbandment

The disbandment of the association can only be decided by the majority of all regular members. In the decision must be included which organization shall receive the assets of the association.

This must be a public corporation or another tax-favoured corporation which is bound to use the means received for purposes of teaching and education or for science and research in the subjects of humanities or religious sciences.

– Frankfurt, 28th of October 2001 –
– Version of December 12th 2004 –

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