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Spiritual development

This sounds very esoteric – and it is, at least seen from the viewpoint of a science and medicine which are totally geared to a human being working like a machine, if possible, and trying to mechanically “optimize” processes accordingly. Not mentioning a society and an economic system that would prefer to have each member of it “functioning”.

We, however, believe that Man is basically a spiritual being and that the meaning of our existence is to find out more about ourselves and our true nature, and of course about our relations to our fellow men. We think that we have to offer some methods and, to whom they please, a complete road to achieve exactly that and to develop oneself with regards to a spiritual dimension. Not by inhaling the teachings of some “guru” and impose these on one’s own ideas, but by beginning at oneself to explore one’s own truth step by step and grow more and more towards what one is: i.e. an immortal and individual being.

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