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Auditing processes:

In auditing, a „process“ means a set sequence of questions or commands which the auditor gives to the person undergoing auditing. This person works with the subject of the process until he or she gets a cognition or a relief of charge.


A state attained. In early books Hubbard drew a parallel between the human mind and a computing machine that will always reach wrong results when fed wrong numbers or data that is no longer useful. Through auditing, the preclear-the person who is not yet clear-is cleared. This person will then be in a state where he or she has gotten rid of all the collected pictures and memories to which he or she has constantly been reacting. The person no longer needs them. He or she is released from the compulsive stimulus-response mechanism.

C/S (Case Supervisor):

A person who is trained as an auditor and in supervising the progress of the PC on the bridge. He tells the auditor which steps to take with the PC and corrects the auditor if necessary.


A cognition is something the preclear finds out about life or himself. It is a new awareness, often accompanied by a release from old charge.


See explanations in the article The bridge.


Hubbard Electrometer – an electronic device to measure the mental state and the change of state of an individual, as a help for precision and speed in auditing. The e-meter is not designed for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of medical diseases, nor is it effective in such.


By „game“ we do not mean „something done not seriously.“ A game is rather a field of activity for a person in which he or she pursues goals and is subject to certain rules, freedoms and barriers. A game thus can be something small and self-contained, like a game of chess against another person. But something more encompassing like one’s job or professional training would also be a game in this sense, as would „raising children“ or „finding a mate.“

Grade chart:

A two-column chart of the road to Clear, the bridge. On the right side of the chart you can find different steps, called the release states, which are gains achieved in auditing. The left side of the chart describes the very important steps in training where you get the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver a release grade to another.

PC (Preclear):

Somebody undergoing auditing to achieve personal improvement. From „Pre-Clear,“ somebody on the road to clear.


See Auditing Processes.


By „thetan“ we mean the person him- or herself – not the body or the name, the physical universe, the mind or something else; that which is aware of being aware; that identity which is the individual. This something has been called soul, spirit or I. To avoid confusion with other systems of thought, we use this newly coined word: thetan. Also see the chapter The Spiritual Being.

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